Uploading programming assignments using Marmoset

Updated: Sept 19th, 2007

Updated: Sept 24th, 2007 --- revised AddIn installation instructions

This page has information on how to upload programming assignments to the Marmoset server.

The server is accessible at the following URL:


The Marmoset Visual Studio Add-in

An add-in component is available to make it easier to submit projects from within Visual Studio.  It also provides the File->Import... and File->Export... commands, which are useful for saving and opening Visual Studio solutions.

The Add-in is available here:


Installing the Add-in

Here is how you can install the Add-in in Visual Studio on your own computer.  Please follow these instructions carefully.  (These instructions should work for both Windows XP and Windows Vista.)

  1. Make sure that Visual Studio is not running.

  2. Download MarmosetAddIn2.zip.  Save it somewhere (e.g., the Desktop).  Double click on the file.  You should see a window like this:

    Leave this window open.

  3. Open your My Documents folder.  (Start->My Documents.)  Double click on the Visual Studio 2005 folder.  If it does not already exist, create a new folder called AddIns:

    Double click on the AddIns folder.

  4. Copy the contents of MarmosetAddIn2.zip into the AddIns folder.  When you are done the AddIns folder should look like this:

  5. Start Visual Studio.  You should see the File->Import..., File->Export..., and Tools->Submit... menu options.  (You may need to shut down Visual Sudio and restart one additional time.)

Uploading an assignment automatically (online submission)

Starting with Assignment 2, you can automatically submit your assignment online from within Visual Studio (if you have the Marmoset Add-in installed.)

Just choose Tools->Submit..., enter your Marmoset user name and password, and click Submit.  If successful, you will see the following dialog:

If the automatic online submission is unsuccessful, you will need to submit the assignment manually.

Uploading an assignment manually

To manually upload an assignment to the Marmoset server, there are two steps: exporting the program to a zip file, and uploading the zip file to the server.

Exporting your program to a zip file

If you have installed the Marmoset Add-in, you can export your assignment by choosing File->Export... from within Visual Studio.  You will see a dialog prompting you to choose a file name for the exported zip file.

You can also create a zip file of your assignment manually.  Find the folder containing your project, and in Windows choose Send to->Compressed (zipped) folder.  Make sure that you do not have the assignment open in Visual Studio when you do this.  The zip file created will have the same name as thefolder you zipped.

Folders containing Visual Studio projects are usually located in My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects.

Uploading the exported zip file to the server

Once you have a zip file containing your assignment files, log into the Marmoset server (using the username and password you received by email).  If necessary, click on the appropriate course link.  You should see the projects assigned for the course.  Choose the appropriate project (assignment) and click the submit link.  Click Browse and select the zip file you created.  Then click Submit project!.

Verifying that the submission succeeded

Regardless of how you submitted your assignment, you should verify that the submission you uploaded has the correct files.

From the course page in Marmoset, you can click the view link for a project to see all of the files you have submitted. Download your submission to ensure that it contains the files you wanted to submit.