YCP Logo Assignment 4: Rewrite Mountains or Hangman using Functions

Due: Wednesday, October 29th by 11:59 PM

Your Task

Rewrite either your Mountains (Assignment 2) or Hangman (Assignment 3) program to use functions.

You will need to consider the design of your program, identify blocks of code that perform identical or similar tasks, and change them into function calls. Your goal is to simplify the program. When you are done, you should find that your program is significantly easier to read and understand.

The behavior of the program should not change (unless you need to fix bugs.)

If you already used functions in your implementation of either program, that is fine. You might want to make some changes anyway if you can find additional ways to use functions to simplify the program.

Grading Criteria

20% of your grade will be based on the basic functionality of the program (as described in the original assignment description.)

70% of your grade will be based on how well you used functions to simplify the implementation of the program.

10% of your grade will be based on coding style, including consistent use of indentation and naming of identifiers.


Important: if you use Tools->Submit to submit the assignment, you must first change the submit.properties file so that the line that reads either

projectNumber = assign2


projectNumber = assign3

is changed to read

projectNumber = assign4

You can also manually create a zip file of the Visual Studio project as described in the Marmoset instructions. (See the section on Uploading an assignment manually.)

In any case, make sure you submit your solution to the server as assign4.

The server URL is