YCP Logo Lab 3: Arrays

Due: Tuesday, September 9th by 11:59 PM

Start by downloading CS201_Lab3.zip and importing it into Eclipse. You should see a project called CS201_Lab3.

Your task

Implement the following static methods in the Arrays class:

  • readArray: Takes two parameters, keyboard and numElements. keyboard is a Scanner object you can use to read input from the user. numElements is the number of integer values to read. The method should return a reference to an array containing the requested number of integer values.
  • printArray: Takes a parameter arr, an array of integer values. The method should print out the element values in the array.
  • reverseArray: Takes a parameter arr, an array of integer values. The method should reverse the values in the elements of the array. For example, if passed an array containing the values 1 2 3, the method should re-arrange the contents of the array so that it contains the values 3 2 1.


A main method is provided for testing - you won't need to change it.

When you run the main method, you should see output looking something like this (user input in bold):

How many values?
Please enter 5 values:
9 0 1 2 5
You entered the following values:
9 0 1 2 5
Now I am going to reverse the array for you...
Here are the reversed array values:
5 2 1 0 9


When you are done, save the project (CS201_Lab3) to a zip file by right-clicking it and choosing

Export...->Archive File

Upload the saved zip file to the Marmoset server as lab3. The server URL is