YCP Logo Assignment 5: 50% Working System

Report Due: Monday, Nov 1st by 11:59 PM

Presentation: in class Monday, Nov 1st

This is a Team assignment.

Your Task

At this point in the semester, your implementation should be about 50% complete.

There are two deliverables for this assignemnt: a report and a presentation.


The report should address the following issues:

  • Which use cases are fully (or partially) implemented?
  • How has your design changed since you created your initial design model in Assignment 3?
  • What are the most important technical challenges remaining? How will you address them?

Use UML class diagrams when discussing your design.


Your group will give a 10 minute presentation and demonstration to show the functionality that is implemented. Focus on the work you have done since the Minimal Working System in Assignment 4.

Please do a dry run before class. Because of the limited amount of time we have in class, we can't wait for your group to troubleshoot.


The assignment will be graded as follows:

  • Report
    • Discussion of implemented use cases: 15%
    • Discussion of design changes: 15%
    • Discussion of remaining technical challenges: 15%
    • Writing quality: 25%
  • Presentation
    • Demonstration of implemented features: 30%


One team member should upload an electronic copy of your team's report (in MS Word, OpenOffice, or PDF format) to the Marmoset server as assign5. The server URL is:


Important: You are responsible for checking that the file you submitted is what you intended to submit.