YCP Logo Assignment 7: Final Presentation and Report

Report Due: Wednesday, Dec 15th by 11:59 PM

Presentations: Wednesday, Dec 15th at 3 PM in KEC 119

This is a Team assignment.

Your Task

Your task is to complete a final report documenting your project, and to give a presentation on the project.

Our expectations for the report are described in the Final Report Details document. You should use your Final Report Draft as a starting point. The report must use LaTeX.

Presentation Guidelines

Your group will give a presentation of about 20 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for a question and answer session.

Please rehearse your presentation! We can't allow any presentation to go over its allotted time.

Keep in mind that the audience for your presentation is students and faculty in CS and Engineering. Don't assume that the audience knows anything about your specific project. However, you can assume that the audience is reasonably knowledgeable about computers, software, etc.

Don't get too bogged down in details. As with any form of technical communication, you want to emphasize the most important and interesting information. Provide supporting details if they are necessary, but otherwise try to keep the presentation at a fairly high level.

Here is a suggested structure for your presentation:

  1. Background: What problem were you trying to solve? Discuss the system requirements.

  2. Analysis and design: Discuss your design model. In this part of the presentation, you must show a UML class diagram illustrating the most important classes and methods in your system, and how they relate/interact with each other. You can use multiple UML diagrams if a single diagram would have too many classes.

    This is also a good opportunity to discuss how the design of the system changed as you worked on the implementation.

  3. Implementation: What were the most interesting things you learned when you implemented the system? If you used any interesting programming techniques, this is a good opportunity to discuss them.

  4. Demonstration: Show your system working. Demonstrate the most important/interesting features.

  5. Conclusions: Sum up what you learned. If there are aspects of the project you would do differently if you started again from scratch, mention them. You can also talk about how you might want to extend the system in the future.

All of the members of your group must participate in the presentation.

Make sure that your presentation is ready to go immediately when it is your group's turn, since you will have only a minute or two to set up. (That's plenty of time to connect a laptop to the projector cable.)


Your assignment grade will be determined as follows:

  • Report
    • Organization/Flow: 20%
    • Writing quality: 20%
    • Clarity/completeness of technical content: 30%
  • Presentation
    • Organization/Flow: 10%
    • Clarity/completeness of technical content: 20%


One team member should upload an electronic copy of your team's report (in PDF format) to the Marmoset server as assign7. The server URL is:


Important: You are responsible for checking that the file you submitted is what you intended to submit.