YCP Logo Final Report Details

This document describes what we expect to see in the final report for your team project.


The report should use the following general outline:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Background
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Future Work

The abstract is a one or two paragraph synopsis of the problem your system addresses and the major features of your system. It should give the reader a concise summary of what they can expect to read about in the report.

The introduction is similar to the abstract, but with more details. It should describe the problem your system addresses, and why that is an interesting problem.

The background section should describe the problem in more detail. This is a good place to introduce important technical terms and concepts that the reader might not be familiar with. If you used interesting technologies (algorithms, libraries, devices, etc.) in your system, this would be a good place to discuss them.

The design section should describe your system design. Be sure to use diagrams (e.g., UML class diagrams) as appropriate. Focus on the most important classes. A good approach is to start with the "central" classes in your object model, and then work outwards.

The implementation section should describe the process you used to turn your design into a working system. Talk about interesting technical challenges you encountered, and how you overcame them. If your system has a UI, include screenshots.

The future work section should mention some possible ways that your system could be extended and improved in the future.

Writing Is Important!

The ability to communicate technical information clearly is an extremely important and valuable skill.

We expect your report to be well-written. Specifically:

  • It should be well-organized. Topics should be arranged in a logical manner. Technical concepts should be introduced before being referenced.
  • It should be concise. Try to find the simplest possible way of saying what you want to say.
  • It should be in one voice. Although all team members will be responsible for dividing up the task of writing the report, we expect you to edit the report so that the writing style is consistent throughout.
  • It should be be professional. Use appropriate language. Don't make it "conversational".
  • It should use correct spelling and grammar. Use a spelling checker! (We can show you how to spell-check a LaTeX document.)

We strongly encourage you to visit the Learning Resource Center to get help from a writing tutor. Bring this document with you.

We reserve the right to return the report unread if there are too many spelling and grammar errors.