CMPU 102: Information About Working From Home

This page contains information about how to work on projects in CMPU 102 on your home computer.

Software You Will Need

You will also need a way to log into and transfer files to and from your Sun account.  The best way to do this is using SSH, the Secure SHell.  If you are running Mac OS X or Linux, then you should already have a version of ssh installed.  If you are running Windows, then you should install PuTTY: make sure you install both putty.exe and pscp.exe.  Or, alternately, you can install Cygwin, which includes a version of SSH.

Working on an assignment

Once you have installed Eclipse, you can work on assignment in exactly the same way that you would work on them in the Sun lab.

Submitting a project

When you are ready to submit an assignment, you need to first export it from your workspace, and then transfer it to your Sun account.

On your home machine (using Eclipse):

  1. Select your assignment (e.g., "assign2") in the Package Explorer
  2. File->Export...->Archive File
  3. In the dialog, choose "Save in zip format" under options.  Choose a filename (e.g., "").  Click finish.

Now transfer the zip file you just created to your Sun account. If you can use scp (Mac, Linux) or pscp (Windows) that will be easiest. From a terminal or command line window, cd to the directory containing the zip file. Run the command:


Type your password when prompted.  Note that we're giving the file a different name ("") as its destination in your Sun account.

Now remotely log in to your Sun account using ssh or PuTTY.  Using ssh from a terminal window, you can run the command:


After typing your password, you're logged into your Sun account.  From the command prompt, run the commands:

submit102 assign2

When you run the commands above, the "unzip" command should create a directory that has the same name as the assignment you are submitting: e.g., "assign2".  This is the name of the directory that you should specify when running the "submit102" command.

When you're done, type "exit" to log out.