CS 201 - Assignment 3

Due: Wednesday, March 26th by 11:59 PM

Assignment description updated 3/17/2008:

Added clarification about the linked list iterator class's remove method.

Linked Lists

Your assignment is to complete Lab 7.

You may use the Lab 7 partial solution as a starting point.  You may also use the code we discussed in class for the linked list append, size, and get operations.

Linked list operations are are challenging to implement.  You will need to think carefully about how to implement each operation.

You have satisfied the functional requirements of the assignment when all of the unit tests in YCPLinkedListTest pass.

Implementing the remove method in the iterator for the linked list class will be especially challenging.

Important clarification:

To receive full credit for the remove method in the linked list iterator class, it must execute in constant (O(1)) time.


To submit, first export your project by right-clicking on the name of the project (lab7) in the Package Explorer, and then choosing Export->General->Archive File.  Save the project as a zip file.  Upload the zip file to the Marmoset server as Project 3:


You should have received your Marmoset username and password in an email.