CS 320 - Assignment 5

Code and Report due Wednesday, May 7th by 11:59 PM

Presentation/demo during the scheduled Final Exam time (see schedule)

This is a team assignment

Team Project Implementation

Your task is to implement the system your team designed in the previous assignments.

I expect that by the end of the semester

You have a working system

which implements the most important requirements

You don't have to implement lots of bells and whistles, but I expect the core functionality to be present.


The delivables for the assignment are

1. The code.  I will check out your code directly from your repository.  Just include the URL of your repository in a text document when you submit.

I expect you to implement unit tests for each of your core data model classes.  At a minimum, your unit tests should achieve 100% method coverage.

2. A 2-3 page report describing the most interesting technical issues you encountered in implementing your design, and how you addressed them.

3. A group presentation and demonstration in which you will present the result of your work to the rest of the class.  You should plan to talk for about 20 minutes.  The presentation must include a demonstration of the working system.

Updated 5/5: See the guidelines for your final presentation


For the code/report:

Submit a zip file containing (1) a text document with your repository URL and (2) your report to Marmoset as Project 5:


You don't need to formally submit anything for the presentation and demo.