Guidelines for your final presentation

As the conclusion of your team project, your group will give a presentation of about 15-20 minutes.

Please rehearse your presentation!  We can't allow any presentation to go over its allotted time,

Here is a suggested structure for your presentation, with approximate times to spend on each part:

  1. Background: (2 minutes) What problem were you trying to solve?  Discuss the system requirements.

  2. Analysis and design: (8 minutes) Discuss your design model.  In this part of the presentation, you must show a UML class diagram illustrating the most important classes and methods in your system, and how they relate/interact with each other.

    This is also a good opportunity to discuss how the design of the system changed as you worked on the implementation.

  3. Implementation: (5 minutes) What were the most interesting things you learned when you implemented the system?  If you used any interesting programming techniques, this is a good opportunity to discuss them.

  4. Demonstration: (5 minutes) Show your system working.  Demonstrate the most important/interesting features.

  5. Conclusions: (2 minutes) Sum up what you learned.  If there are aspects of the project you would do differently if you started again from scratch, mention them.  You can also talk about how you might want to extend the system in the future.

Your presentation should include no more than 10 slides.

All of the members of your group must participate in the presentation.

You may give your presentation on the instructor PC in GH 123, or on your own laptop.  Make sure that your presentation is ready to go immediately when it is your group's turn, since you will get only about 1 minute to set up.  (That's enough time to log in to the instructor PC or connect a laptop to the projector cable.)