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This page links to lab assignments.

Date Lab File
Jan 22 Lab 1: Hello, CS 101 CS101_Lab1.zip
Jan 27 Lab 2a: Expensive Calculator CS101_Lab2a.zip
Jan 27 Lab 2b: Integer Division CS101_Lab2b.zip
Jan 29 Lab 3a: Series Sum CS101_Lab3a.zip
Jan 29 Lab 3b: Compute Radius of Circle CS101_Lab3b.zip
Feb 3 Lab 4a: Salary calculator CS101_Lab4a.zip
Feb 3 Lab 4b: Roots of a quadratic equation CS101_Lab4b.zip
Feb 5 Lab 5a: Factorial CS101_Lab5a.zip
Feb 5 Lab 5b: Series sum revisited CS101_Lab5b.zip
Feb 10 Lab 6a: Draw a rectangle CS101_Lab6a.zip
Feb 10 Lab 6b: Fancy rectangle CS101_Lab6b.zip
Feb 12 Lab 7a: Left Triangle CS101_Lab7a.zip
Feb 12 Lab 7b: Fancy Output CS101_Lab7b.zip
Feb 19 Lab 9a: Average using an Array CS101_Lab9a.zip
Feb 19 Lab 9b: Matrix Multiplication CS101_Lab9b.zip
Feb 24 Lab 10: Array and vector reversal CS101_Lab10.zip
Feb 26 Lab 11a: Transpose a Matrix CS101_Lab11a.zip
Feb 26 Lab 11b: Determinant of 3x3 matrix CS101_Lab11b.zip
Mar 10 Lab 12a: Factorial Function CS101_Lab12a.zip
Mar 10 Lab 12b: Fancy Cone CS101_Lab12b.zip
Mar 12 Lab 13: Newton's Method CS101_Lab13.zip
Mar 17 Lab 14: Array/Vector Reversal CS101_Lab14.zip
Mar 24 Lab 15: Complex Numbers CS101_Lab15.zip
Mar 26 Lab 16: Animation CS101_Lab16.zip
Mar 31 Lab 17: Array/Vector Reversal Via Pointers CS101_Lab17.zip
Apr 2 Lab 18: Bouncing Particles CS101_Lab18.zip
Apr 7 Lab 19: Your First GUI CS101_Lab19.zip
Apr 21 Lab 22: Drawing with the Mouse CS101_Lab22.zip
Apr 23 Lab 23: Capitalization CS101_Lab23.zip
Apr 28 Lab 24: Tabs and Pictures CS101_Lab24.zip
May 5 Lab 25: War! CS101_Lab25.zip
May 7 Lab 26: Bouncing Boinging Ball CS101_Lab26.zip