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Tutoring is available for CS 101 Monday through Thursday, 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M., in KEC 119. Stop by to get help with assignments or just to ask questions about topics we're covering in class.

The tutors for the course are:

Phil Barnett <pbarnett@ycp.edu>
Darrell De Freitas <ddefreit@ycp.edu>
Fidel Estrella <festrell@ycp.edu>
Eric Griffin <egriffi4@ycp.edu>
Jessica Matthews <jmatthe4@ycp.edu>
Jeff Renga <jrenga@ycp.edu>
Adam Reifsneider <areifsne@ycp.edu>
Jacob Rudolph <jrudolph@ycp.edu>
Todd Shaffer <tshaffe3@ycp.edu>
David Thornton <dthornt2@ycp.edu>