YCP Logo Assignment 5: Research Project

Choose a project by Tuesday, April 14th

Code and report due Thursday, May 7th

Presentations in class Tuesday, May 5th and Thursday, May 7th

Your Task

You may work individually or with one other person.

Research a topic in parallel or distributed computing. Write a program to demonstrate the technique or algorithm you have researched. Run experiments to analyze the performance/behavior of the program. Write a report summarizing your findings. Give an oral presentation in to present your findings to the rest of the class.

You should discuss your project idea with me no later than Tuesday, April 14th.

General Topic Ideas

  • Find a parallel algorithm and implement it using pthreads or MPI
  • Implement a distributed system (in which processes communicate over a network) using TCP/IP
  • Design and implement a parallel algorithm using pthreads or MPI

Some Specific Ideas

  • Implement a strategy game such as Checkers or Go using a parallel state space search to consider possible moves.
  • Dr. Link has some embedded controller boards supporting ethernet and TCP/IP. Attach a sensor of some kind (e.g., temperature, light, etc.). Implement a distributed system using the embedded board communicating with a "host application" on a PC.
  • Measure and tune the performance of the C++ fork/join framework. Can you improve the performance? Can you show that the framework allows efficient parallelization of a range of divide-and-conquer algorithms?
  • Implement and benchmark a lock-free data structure using atomic machine instructions. See Michael Scott's High-performance synchronization web page.
  • Investigate possible solutions to the ABA problem in lock-free data structures.

It is fine for multiple people/groups to work on the same problem.


Upload a zip file containing your code and your report to the Marmoset server as assign5: