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This page contains code examples discussed in class.

Date File Description
Jan 27 hello_pthread.zip Hello, world pthreads program
Feb 5 mutex_example.zip Example of synchronizing a shared data structure using a mutex
Feb 19 barrier.zip Example barrier synchronization, including a "do it yourself" barrier construct
Mar 26 CS497_Lab2_Collect.zip Implementation of Lab 2 using broadcast and reduce operations
Mar 31 structType.zip Example of using MPI_type_struct()
Mar 31 vectorType.zip Example of using MPI_type_vector()
Apr 2 lockfreequeue.zip Implementation and benchmark of Michael/Scott lock-free queue
Apr 16 server.zip Minimal server using socket API
Apr 21 serverFdopen.zip Minimal server using fdopen() to wrap socket file descriptor as FILE, plus client
Apr 28 mtServer.zip Minimal multithreaded server