YCP Logo Installing Notepad++

This page describes how to install the Notepad++ text editor. This is the editor we are using in class to edit C/C++ programs.

These notes assume you are installing on a Windows system.

Step 1. Go to the Notepad++ web site. Click on the Download link at the top of the page:


Step 2. Click the Binary files item. It will expand. Click the link labeled Download Notepad++ executable files:


Step 3. Click the large green button labeled Download Now!:


Save the installer executable somewhere (e.g., the Desktop.)

Step 4. In Windows, double-click to run the installer executable (npp.5.6.4.Installer.exe). Click "OK", "I agree", "Next", and "Finish" as necessary.

When the installer completes, Notepad++ will be available as the Start->All Programs->Notepad++->Notepad++ menu item.