YCP Logo Assignment 3: Thinking about team development

Due: Wednesday, February 9th by 11:59 PM

This is an individual assignment

Team development

You will be working with other students on a team software project this semester.

The purpose of this assignment is to think about what the challenges of working in a team will be, and how you plan to address these challenges.

Your task

Write a short (1-2 pages) essay which answers the following questions:

  1. What aspects of working in a team do you think will be rewarding?
  2. What aspects of working in a team do you think will be difficult?
  3. What techniques do you think you and the members of your team can use to overcome the difficult aspects of team development, and to ensure that the project is successful?

In your answer to each question, be as specific as possible. I would like you to think consciously about what you can do to make yourself and your team members as productive as possible. Also, this is not a research paper: I want your thoughts about how you plan to help make your project successful.


Submit a single PDF file containing your essay.

Upload the pdf file to the Marmoset server as assign3:


This is an individual assignment, so each person on your team must submit his/her own essay.