YCP Logo Assignment 4: Milestone 2

Report and demo due by Friday, April 1st

This is a Team assignment.

Your Task

You have three tasks.

  1. Summary of work
  2. Demonstration
  3. Use cases and updated design model

Summary of work

Write a short (1-2 page) report detailing the features you have added to the system to address the subset of requirements you chose in Milestone 1.

If you did not address exactly the subset of requirements you initially planned, explain. For example,

  • If there were some requirements you didn't get to, explain why.
  • If you addressed additional requiments, explain what they were and why you chose to work on them.


Schedule a time to have your group demonstrate the progress you have made. The demonstration should be about 10-15 minutes, and 5 minutes afterwards for us to ask questions.

Use cases and updated design model

Choose a subset of use cases you plan to address for Milestone 3.

Write use cases for each requirement in your subset. If any of the requirements are not use cases, write a short explanation of the requirement, and why it is important to address.

Include an updated design model in the form of a UML class diagram, showing how the system will support the functionality needed to address the subset of requirements.


  • Report (summary of progress): 35%
  • Report (next use cases): 30%
  • Report (updated design): 15%
  • Demonstration: 20%


Upload a PDF file to the assignment submission server as assign4. Only one team member needs to submit.

The URL of the submission server is


Please check the file you uploaded to make sure it is what you intended to submit. We may assign a grade of 0 for incorrectly submitted work.