This page contains links to useful resources.


Installing Cygwin - detailed instructions on how to install the Cygwin software needed to compile, run, and submit programs.

Installing Notepad++ - detailed instructions on how to install the Notepad++ text editor (which we are using in class to edit C/C++ programs).

Installing Visual Studio 2012 Pro - Go to MSDNAA and log in to your MSDNAA account using your YCP email address (use the "I've forgotten my password!" if you do not remember your password). Select the Visual Studio 2012 Professional icon and proceed through the checkout process (there is no charge for the software). Download the DVD .iso file, burn it to a blank DVD using .iso burning software, and then install from the DVD. NOTE: for Mac users, you will either need to install Visual Studio on a Windows bootcamp partition or in a Windows virtual machine.


Install Xcode by downloading it from the Mac App Store (free). After XCode is installed, go to XCode->Preferences->Downloads and install Command Line Tools. Then use a Terminal (located in Applications/Utilities) wherever cygwin would be used in Windows. You may use any text editor for editing the source files, e.g. TextEdit, or a nice (free) one is TextWrangler.


Make sure that you have g++, make, curl, and the ncurses development libraries installed. For example, under Ubuntu or Debian Linux, run the command

sudo apt-get install g++ make curl libncurses5-dev

from a terminal window.

You can use any text editor to edit your code: for example, gedit and kate are both good choices (and are similar to Notepad++). Under Ubuntu or Debian:

sudo apt-get install gedit
sudo apt-get install kate