Tutoring is available for CS 101!

In class

The in-class tutors are:

Sections 101,102,103: Carl Howard, Chris Campagnola, Michael Browning

Sections 104,105: Nikita Bocharov, Alana Palmerini, Paul Glotfelter

Sections 106,107: Kyle Musco, Steve Andrews, Dung Tran


Evening walk-in tutoring sessions will take place Monday through Thursday, 5-7 PM, in KEC 130. KEC 123 will also be used as an "overflow" room depending on demand.

Important: please observe the following guidelines when attending the evening tutoring sessions:

  • Make your question(s) as specific as possible. Be prepared to explain to the tutor what you have done so far, which part of your program isn't working as you expect, and what you have done to try to find the problem on your own. The tutors will give priority to students who have made an effort to solve problems on their own before asking for help.
  • Don't wait until the last minute to start your assignments. You are most likely to get help on your program if you start early. Tutors will not make heroic efforts to help you on the night the assignment is due.

The evening tutors are:

Monday: Kyle Musco, Mike Ayers, Dan Yeager

Tuesday: Chris Campagnola, Dung Tran, Michael Browning

Wednesday: Dan Yeager, Garrett Fellman (6-7 only), Paul Vo

Thursday: Nikita Bocharov, Paul Vo, Mike Ayers