This page gives an overview of the material covered in the textbooks and other readings. It also indicates when you should complete each reading.

In class, I will assume you have done the reading!

HFOO is Head First Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

UD is UML Distilled, 3rd ed.

XP is Extreme Programming Explained, 2nd ed.

Book/Article Chapters/Pages Topic Read by
HFOO Appendix ii OO concepts Jan 25
UD Chapter 2 Development Process Jan 25
HFOO Chapter 2-3 Requirements Jan 25
UD Chapter 3 UML class diagrams Jan 28
HFOO Chapter 4 OO Analysis Jan 30
GitForDesigners   Version Control Feb 1
Lecture08   HTML and CSS Feb 11
Lecture09   DHTML and Javascript Feb 13
Lecture10   Web Applications Feb 15
GWTTutorial   GWT Feb 18
Databases, Lab3   Relational Databases Mar 20
JDBC   JDBC Mar 22
XP Chapters 1-7 Extreme Programming Apr 8
XP Chapters 8-9 Extreme Programming Apr 15