This page has the schedule for the course, including the reading assignments. I expect you do to the reading before the class where the topic(s) will be discussed.

Class Topic(s) Reading
Thurs, Jan 24th Review of C
Tues, Jan 29th Parallel Computing Chapters 1-2
Thurs, Jan 31st MPI Sections 3.1-3.3 (p. 83-101)
Thurs, Feb 15th MPI Collective Communications Section 3.4 (p. 101-116)
Tues, Feb 19th MPI Derived Datatypes Section 3.5 (p. 116-119)
Thurs, Feb 21st MPI Performance Section 3.6 (p. 119-127)
Tues, Feb 26th MPI Wrapup
Thurs, Feb 28th Exam 1
Tues, Mar 12th Intro to pthreads Lecture 12
Thurs, Mar 14th pthreads, critical sections, mutexes Sections 4.1-4.6
Tues, Mar 19th semaphores, condition variables Sections 4.7-4.8
Thurs, Mar 21st pthreads, reader/writer locks, thread safety Sections 4.9-4.11
Thurs, Apr 4th Java threads Lecture 17
Tues, Apr 9th Java fork/join framework Doug Lea, A Java Fork/Join Framework
Tues, Apr 30th GPGPU computation, CUDA Getting Started With CUDA
Lecture 24