This page describes how to use ssh to create a tunnel to allow you to connect a VNC client to a VNC server on the cluster head node from off campus.


  • You need an ssh client: the one from cygwin works well.
  • You need a VNC client (see the resources page.) TightVNC works very well.


Add 5900 to your VNC session number to compute the port number. I.e., if your session number is 12, then your port number is 5912.

In a cygwin shell, run the command

ssh -o "TCPKeepAlive yes"

port is your port number, username is your YCP username.

Log in with your YCP username and password.

Now, start the VNC client on your local machine. Make sure the option for "Low-bandwith connection" is selected. Enter


as the VNC server, where session is your session number. Before you start the session, the start dialog should look something like this:


You will most likely use a different session number than the one shown above. Click Connect, enter the password you are using to protect your VNC session, and you should see your Linux desktop.