David Singleton

Dept. of Biological Sciences

Office:  LS229

Phone: 815-1280

Teaching Schedule   

Spring 2012

BIO216 Unseen Life

Lecture MW  1:00-1:50  CH236

Lab M 2:00-4:45  LS211


BIO230/231  Microbiology




Lecture section 101

MWF 11:00-11:50


Section 103

MW 5:00-6:15


Lab section 501

W 8:00-10:45


Section 503

Th 8:00-10:45


Section 504

Th 11:00-1:45


For potential Senior Thesis projects, here is a copy of the Clark Lecture Series talk I gave in March 2009: Clark talk March 2009.ppt

I am interested in the mechanisms by which fungi are able to modify the characteristics of surface proteins. Potential projects would utilize many of the basic techniques of modern cell and molecular biology for the modification of common fungal model species. Specific methodologies can include: epitope tagging of yeast proteins, subcellular localization of specific components, interaction studies using techniques like the yeast two-hybrid system. 

If you have a project in mind with a more general "Microbiology" slant, I am available for advice helping you with experimental design.

Office Hours

M/W/F  12-1

T/Th  2-3

Other times by arrangement


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