William M. Haines, JR.

Sport Management 15

Introductory Page

Hello, my name is Bill Haines and I am a senior Sport Management major and Marketing minor at York College of Pennsylvania.  During my three years at York College, I have been presented with, and sought out, many opportunities to improve my knowledge and experience in different areas of sport management. Opportunities ranging from hands-on experience in the operation of an athletic facility, to creating a marketing plan for an online sports media organization, and running the public relations of a simulated athletic program, to designing and planning a sporting event. All of these experiences have helped me develop a wide range of skills and abilities.


I have created this portfolio to demonstrate my experience in multiple areas of Sport Management. In this portfolio, I will highlight a few valuable skills from my skill set, provide examples of the work I have done and show you what I can bring to the table in the working world.  Also, I will provide a copy of my resume, which can be found here.


Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me or connect with me.

Contact Information

Phone: (267) 882-7040

E-mail: whaines@ycp.edu

Connect With Me


Twitter: @BillHaines92


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/williamhaines

Bill Haines

October 15