PHL 395 Philosophy and Film

Dr. Dennis Weiss

Spring Semester, 2013

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Philosophy in the Cinema Bibliography and Filmography


Film-Philosophy: A philosophical review of film studies and world cinema:


Internet Movie Data Base: site with reviews of the latest movies, including independent and foreign films.


American Society for Aesthetics: Web presence for the American Society of Aesthetics, the major society in the United States devoted to philosophy of art, art theory and art criticism. Many useful links.


Philosophical Films: a web resource for philosophy teachers who want to incorporate films into their classes. General editor: James Fieser, University of Tennessee at Martin.


Pennsylvania State University, Integrative Arts 10: Film terminology and other resources.


 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Entry by Thomas Wartenberg on the philosophy of film.


Philosophy and the Movies: A Bibliography of Materials in the UCB Library


Senses of Cinema:  an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema


Atlanta Philosophy Film Festival


Mary Litch: Philosophy Through Film Links


Philosophical Films


Dan Flory, Philosophy, Black Film, Film Noir (Penn State University Press,

Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo and Dan Flory (eds.), Race, Philosophy, and Film
(Routledge, 2013).