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Instrumental Analytical Chemistry

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Dr. Gregory Foy

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Elijah James Reece

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Zachary Bensley Ashley Kimble Jessica Selby Colleen Justison Jared Poist  
Shelby Bleile Drew Landerman Michael Zanecosky Melinda Kitts Aaron Pyle  
Naomi Bryner Stephani Lane Timothy Abell Elisabeth Knisley Travis Slaysman  
Caitlin Carmody Nicholas Matyi Jessica Bases Khadija Mitchell Kelley Smith  
Timothy Cumming David Millard Nicole Deluca Chealsa Mooney Caitlin Verhalen  
Ariel Grove Katie Rexroth Kristen Eccleston Katheryn Penrod Tyler Warner  
DJ Hall Christina Robinson Brittany Hicks Gabrielle Pilla    

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Dr. Foy's Notes:


    How to Write A Lab

    Forwarding your YCP e-mail

    Take Home Exam 4 Question 10 Spring 2009


    Stream Study Presentation Guidelines

    Cell Phones and the Environment 

    Lecture Notes

     Instrumentation Basics

    Basics of Chromatography    More Chromatography         GC  Gas Chromatography (GC)  more      LC     Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

    Supercritical Fluids               Capillary Electrophoresis

    Spectrometric Methods       Optical Components             UV/VIS    UV/VIS Ch 13         UV/VIS Ch 14       UV/VIS Ch 15      More UV/VIS                          Fluorescence                                             
     Infrared                               Infrared Uses                       FT-IR            Raman

    FT-NMR     more  more      Atomic MS  Molecular MS  

   Mass Spectrometry   more                                                                             Raman

    Atomic Absorption  more   AA    Atomic Emission    ICP

    Lasers                                Surface Techniques                   Electrochemistry                More Electochem

    The electromagnetic Spectrum                                                    More on the Electromagnetic Spectrum

   Student Presentations

Chapter 9