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Dr. Altman's Home Page
DR. JOHN A. ALTMAN, Associate Professor of Political Science and Department Chair
YORK COLLEGE OF PENNSYLVANIA, 441 Country Club Rd., York, PA 17403-3651
Humanities Center 101 | 717-815-1953 | jaltman@ycp.edu


COURSES | PS110 | PS141 | PS262 | PS312 | PS362 | PS363 | PS450 |

CALENDAR | You don’t need an appointment to drop in during my official office hours and you can catch me in the classroom immediately before or after the designated class time. Nevertheless, I’m happy to meet with you outside my official office hours at any mutually agreed upon day and time. If you would like to make an appointment, consult this calendar for available times and email me your request.

My Grrls

ACU Ratings
Campaign Contribution Data
Census Bureau
Congressional Bills Project
Congressional District Dataset
Federal Election Commission
Gallup Organization
Gary King Dataverse
Harvard-MIT Data Center
Job Approval Rating Data
Money in US Elections
Murray Research Archive
National Election Studies
Pew Research Center
Policy Agendas Project
Politics Out Loud
Polling Report
Presidential Election Data
Project Vote Smart
ROAD data
Roper Center
Supreme Court Data
Voter Information Services
News, Information, and Thought
Arts & Letters Daily
The Economist
PBS's Frontline

Research Methods and Statistics
Edward Tufte: Presenting Data and Information
R Project for Statistical Computing
Statistical Associates
Statistics Notes

Army Field Manuals
Exact Time
Library of Congress
National Archives
National Map
Nation Master
Population Reference Bureau
US Government Manual

Policy Research and Policy Analysis
American Enterprise Institute
Assoc of Public Policy Analysis and Management
Brookings Institution
Cato Institute
Institute for Policy Innovation
National Center for Policy Analysis
RAND Corporation
Urban Institute

State and Local Government
Council of State Governments
State Policy
International City/County Management Assoc
National Association of Counties
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Governors Assoc
National League of Cities
US Conference of Mayors

The Center on Congress
Biographical Directory of Congress
Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875
House of Representatives
Roll Call
The Hill
Congressional Legislation

American Presidency Project
Executive Office of the President
National Security Archive
President Elect
The White House

Political Science Organizations
American Political Science Assoc
American Society for Public Admin
Midwest Political Science Assoc
Nat'l Assoc of Schools of Pub Affairs and Admin
National Capital Area Political Science Association
Northeastern Political Science Assoc
Southern Political Science Assoc
Southwestern Political Science Assoc
Western Political Science Assoc