Women's and Gender Studies Minor at
York College of Pennsylvania

Approved in Spring, 1998, the Women's and Gender Studies minor at York College brings together a wide variety of courses into a coherent interdisciplinary unit of study. The minor requires 18 course credits, including the required Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (WGS200), offered every spring. The remaining fifteen credits may be satisfied with any courses from the following list:

BS102/WGS102 Human Sexuality
CJA303/WGS303 Women in Criminal Justice
LIT344/WGS344 Love and Sex in Literature
LIT382/WGS382 Women in Literature
H340/WGS340 Women and War
H342/WGS342 Women in the United States: A History
PHL380/WGS380 Feminist Thought
REL381/WGS381 Women and Religion
SOC225/WGS225 The Family
WGS210 Women's Health
WGS450/451 Women’s and Gender Studies Internship
WGS498/499  Independent Study

Special topics courses that have counted toward the minor include Women and Healthcare, 20th Century British Women Writers, and Psychology of Gender.  Internships and Independent Studies are encouraged.

The National Women's Studies Association Task Force identified many applications of women’s studies to careers:

      *Developing global or international perspectives that prepare students for both governmental and non-governmental jobs;
      *Applying feminist theory to create new models for organization and for processes of dialogue within community
          and non-profit organizations;
     *Working in conjunction with community groups to develop better understandings of the relationship between
          gender and race structures and law enforcement and the criminal justice system;
     *Working in conjunction with feminist scholars in law, working to develop models for critical race law;
     *Bringing feminist theory to social and public policy analysis


Dr. Julie Amberg, English and Humanities
Prof. Janet Archer, Sociology
Dr. Marion Condon, Nursing
Prof. Jennifer Dierickx, Criminal Justice
Dr. Peter Levy, History
Dr. Kay McAdams, History
Dr. Randi Rashkover, Religious Studies
Dr. Dennis Weiss, Philosophy


                                                            Spring 2005   Women’s and Gender Studies Course Offerings

WGS200  Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies           Amberg

                                 WGS225/SOC225  The Family                                                  Archer                                

   WGS381/REL381 Women and Religion                                   Rashkover

WGS303/CJA303 Gender and Crime                                     Dierickx





For more information on the Women’s and Gender Studies program, contact Dr. Amberg at jamberg@ycp.edu or 717-815-1703.