Foresman Research Group

Professor James Foresman, York College of PA

Follow the links below to find out who is currently involved as well as more details about each project.

  1. Chiral-IR

  2. Mills-Nixon Effect

  3. Non-linear Fitting for Theoretical Electronic Spectra

  4. Vibronic Structure of Electronic Transitions (FCHT Theory)

  5. Carbon-Hydrogen NMR Coupling Constants

  6. Solvent Effects in C-13 NMR Spectra

  7. Single-walled Carbon Nanotube modeling

We are constantly looking for students to participate in these investigations. It does not matter if you are a first-year student or a senior. You can participate and earn credit or just work for a few weeks at no credit to gain experience. If you have an interest or questions, please contact me.

Spring 2017: Paul Orndorff, JBF, Robinson Fair
Summer 2013: Nickolas Upole, Jessica Freeze, Lily Wu
Summer 2012: Lily Wu, JBF, Jessica Freeze
Summer 2011: Lily Wu, Patrick Lestrange, JBF
2010-2011: Kayla Sapp, JBF, Steven Tobin
2009-2010: Julie Townsend and Allison Blaszky