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Our branch of the Gibson family is directly descended from many well known early colonial families.
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Chris, Jon and I explored St. John's Episcopal Church Cemetery
in Norristown, PA, where many of our recent ancestors are buried.
The Shield of Arms and Crest of Lord Thomas Gibson.The final resting place of the Rev. Isaac Gibson.These pages record the genealogical research of ancestral information
 by my uncle Muscoe, his great aunt's
Ethel and Delia,
and great uncle,
Rev. Dr. John Shackelford Gibson,
and originally written by
Rev. Minor Winn Gibson Esq.
The Knowlton and Gibson families have been recording ancestral information for hundreds of years with a plethora of books and documents available.  These records are amazingly accurate and correspond very well with information found on the Internet.  Our family history is exceptionally noteworthy, with a few emotional and tragic events, and many ancestors exhibiting a significant influence on the founding of our country, the development of Europe and western civilization.
The Armorial Achievement of Thomas Gibson
The Achievement is the correct term for a Scottish Coat of Arms and includes:
Our Shield: Blue with three storks rising assigned to Thomas Gibson.
The Crest: Out of a ducal coronet, a lion's gamb grasping a club.
Our Motto: "Recte et fideliter"
Translated: Just and faithful. 
The Heraldic Achievement can also include a Crown or Coronet, Torse, Helm, Mantling, Chapeau, Crozier, Robe and Supporters.  In Scottish Heraldry, there is no such thing as a Family Coat of Arms.

The Gibson Family Tartan.             
 The official Scottish Gibson Family Tartan consists of  six colors. and is registered as number 2164 with the Scottish Tartan Authority.
 The six colors of Hunting Green, Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Azure, indicate a family of high rank, nobility and leadership.
 The tartan kilt is a traditional garment of modern Scottish and Celtic (more specifically Gaelic) culture typically worn by men.
 With multiple descent from the House of Stewart,  members of our family are also authorized to wear the Royal Stewart Tartan.
 Our ancient Gibson heritage descends from Lord Johun Gibson, Keeper of the Castle of Rothesay, the MacAuslan Clan and the ancient High Kings of Ireland.
 The Gibsons are one of the Scottish armigerous families, with exceptional Royal and Noble lines, that trace back to the 11th century and earlier.
 Rosslyn Midlothian Knight, Lord Thomas Gibson 1223-1265, served with the Knights Templar on the Seventh Crusade with Louis IX of France as a Gold Keeper.
 Please note our early ancestors appointed Lord Clerk Register, Lord of Session and other high positions in the Parliament of Scotland(ref.) (ref.) (ref.) (ref.)
 One superb on line reference is "The Scottish Nation,  A Biographical History of the People of Scotland" by William Anderson,  printed in London in 1877.]
   The early Gibson families  were lowlanders living near the Scottish/English border.  Many  were Templars and Reviers or border warriors and fought hard to keep their lands and personal property.
   As more old world Scottish ancestral records are placed on line, we now have access to records that were very difficult and expensive to obtain just a few years ago.  (ref.)  (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.)   
   Our Gibson branch descends from these well know Scottish Clans: Buchanan, Stewart,  Hay, Livingstone, Bruce, Douglas, Ferguson, Stirling, Kennedy, Campbell and their many Royal ancestors.
The following records the chronological ancestry of Thomas Knowlton Gibson with thousands of links to additional information.
Lord Thomas Gibson 1469-1515 Born at Goldingstones, County Fife, Scotland, he was the second son of Andrew (ref.) and chartered First Baron by King James IV.
  Married Lady Elizabeth Erskine1471-1551    He was a chartered Free Baron by King James IV and appointed Clerk of Session (ref.) of the Parliament of Scotland.
      George   1491 - 1538           George was chartered Second Baron and Clerk of Session (ref.) of the Parliament of Scotland after the death of his father.  (ref.)
      William    1495 - 7 July,1542  Lord William was Vicar of Garvock, Rector of Inverarity, Dean of Restalrig, Lord of Session & the Scottish Ambassador to the Pope in Rome.
      Andrew   1498 - 1567           Andrew, married in 1517, raised two sons and at least two daughters.  (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.) 
      Thomas   1503 - 1562           Thomas, married in 1521, raised three sons and three daughters.  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)
      and at least two daughters      Unfortunately, very little is recorded of the female side of our early Gibson ancestors.     [This branch descends from the Royal Houses of York and Stuart.]
  "The life of Ambassador, Lord William Gibson was recorded in a charter by Sir John Moubray, of Barnbougle, knight, in favour of his son, William de Moubray, in 1511."
   The life of Lord Thomas was the beginning of a well documented era of Barony, Knighthood, Heraldry, Landed Gentry, Peerage, and other designated nobility.
   Our Gibson ancestors descended from Kenneth I MacAlpin,
Eochaid King of the Picts, the High Kings of Ireland and nine centuries of Scottish Royal Families.  
Lord George Gibson I 1491-1538 First son of Thomas, he was chartered Second Baron and Lord of Session of the Parliament of Scotland after the death of his father.
  Married Lady Elizabeth Stewart b.1495- She is descended from Cináed mac Ailpín, in modern regnal listed as Kenneth I, King of the Picts and first King of Scots.
     Lord George was a Free Baron under Charter by King James V of Scotland and raised three sons and two daughters.
       Mary      1514 -                With most daughters named Mary, Elizabeth, Jean or Margaret, it was obviously very confusing for late 19th century genealogists.
       George  1517 - 1590       Lord George was the heir to the Barony, the family estate and fortune recorded to exceed 8200 pound Scot.  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)
       Elizabeth 1521 -                It is likely that George had more daughters that have not been recorded and there was at least one son (Andrew),  who did not survive infancy.
       William   1525 -                William was married in 1554 and raised at least three sons and two daughters.  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)
       Thomas  1528 -                Thomas was married in 1547 and raised at least two sons and two daughters.  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)
 [With so many Gibsons with the same first name, it is no wonder early genealogists were confused.  Some would  pick the most noble family ancestors to impress their clients, and justify their pay.] 

Lord George Gibson II 1517-1590 Second son of George, he was chartered Third Baron, County Judge, and ultimately Judge of the of High Court of Scotland.
   m.Lady Mary Cranston in 1542, the daughter of  Lord Alexander Cranston of  Roxburgh, a descendant of  Thomas de CranstounLord Provost of  Edinburgh in 1425, 1438 and 1449.
       Thomas b. 1543 -  1621   Thomas, married in 1564, and raised at five children. (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  Three grandsons were early settlers in Jamestown, VA with many descendants.  (Ref.)
       George b. 1545 - 1644    Lord George, married in 1565, raised six sons and three daughters, lived a long life and  was the heir to the Barony and the family estate. (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.)        
       William  b. 1548 - 1596    Catholic Bishop, William the Martyr, was hanged, drawn and quartered at York, on Nov 29, 1596, with fellow martyrs William Knight and George Errington.
     George was a Free Baron under Charter by Mary I, Queen of Scots.  (ref.)  (ref.) He also fathered least three daughters and two additional sons that did not survive infancy.
      [Most early Gibsons were devout Catholics until the Protestant Reformation initiated by Martin  Luther, John Calvin and in Scotland by John Knox around 1660.
     Here is a superb website of old world Gibsons prepared by the Rev. Dr. Gary Stewart Gibson of Devon, UK,
and his father, John Robert Gibson  (1896-1991).]    

Lord George Gibson III1545-1644 Second Son of George II, chartered Fourth Baron, Parliament Lord of Session, and Judge of the of High Court of Scotland.
  m. Lady Mary Elizabeth Airth  Married in 1565, Mary was born in Castle Stirling in 1549 from the ancient and noble Scottish family of Airth.  (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)
      John            b. 1566          John was Sir John Gibson of Pentland, Lord Baronet, who carried on the line of the family and married Jean Hay,  of noble birth and royal ancestry.  (ref.)
      Jean            b. abt 1568     Unfortunately, very little information was recorded of the Gibson Ladies.   Jean is probably Jean Hay who married Sir John Hay(ref.)  (ref.)
      Elizabeth     b. abt 1569     I have not been able to find any information on Elizabeth and Mary, the daughters of George Gibson III.  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.)
      Alexander 1571 - 1644   Alexander, First Lord Durie, First Lord Baronet and Lord Clerk Register m. Lady Margaret Craig, daughter of Sir Thomas Craig, Lord Advocate and Judge.
      George IV  1574 - 1641   George was Lord George IV of Balhouffie, a Free Baron, who had a son, grandson and great grandson named George, all wealthy barons.
      William       1576 - 1658   William, a chartered Free Baron and Scottish Parliament Lord of Session, had a son William, 1609-1684, who fled to Galway, Ireland about 1640 with his family.
           William 1609-1684, second son of William, born in Scotland and emigrated to England in 1663, met
George Fox in London and became a founding Quaker.
         John, 1641-1713, third son of William was born in Galway Ireland. and emigrated with his father in 1663 to London and then to Philadelphia about 1696.
           John, 1676-1751, the second son of John, born in London, England, was a devout Quaker and is probably the same person as John III, listed below.
         Through George Fox, he became friends with William Penn, and was awarded a land grant in Pennsylvania with four of his children moving to the colony.
         William Gibson made significant contributions to the founding of Pennsylvania and was one of the signers of  Penn's Charter of Libertie on April 25, 1682.
         He had six children:
William, John, Patience, Rebecca, Hannah and Elizabeth.  Patience married John Wright and died in Chester, Pa. on 11/15/1722.
         Three of his children are listed as early residents of Bucks County w
ith his son John living in Bristol and recorded by some as the father of John III below.
      Archibald   1578 -1647    Archibald raised six children with many descendants in Scotland, England, Canada and the British colonies (ref.) (ref.),  including merchant James Gibson.
      Thomas      1580 -1650    Lord Thomas was an eminent lawyer, Member of Parliament, and Judge of the High Court of Scotland, under King Charles II.
Mary          b. abt.1581    Many colonial Gibsons descended through Thomas's son, James Thomas,  who was b. 1607.  His son Edmund was born in 1633 and married Jane Langhorne.
       George was a Free Baron under Charter by King James VI of Scotland, and King Charles I. (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)  (ref.)
         Great grandsons were,  Lord Edmund Gibson b. 1669,  Bishop of London from 1723 to 1748, and Jonathan, born in 1660, emigrated to Virginia in 1696
 and married Mary Catlett in 1710.  Their son, Jonathan Catlett, married Elizabeth Thornton and was the first of five generations of Jonathan Catlett Gibsons.
         Descendants of Jonathan and Mary were ancestors to many famous Virginians including Pres. Geo. Washington through his mother Mary Ball Washington.
        [Many early members of the Gibson family emigrated to the colonies in the early 1600's "Great Migration",  just before and during the English Civil War,
        escaping civil unrest (especially toward the
Landed Gentry and Nobility),  during the reign of King Charles I, and then  Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell.]
[There is an old Scottish ditty titled "Lord George Knows My Father, Father Knows Lord George",  in comical reference to the seven Lord George Gibsons.]
[A descendant of Alexander is Edward Gibson, chartered 1st Baron AshbourneQueen's Counsel  elected Conservative Member of Parliament for Dublin University and Lord Chancellor of Ireland.]
           Many Gibsons served in the Parliament of Scotland until the Acts of Union formed the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707.  Their descendants then served in the Parliament of Great Britain,
            which sat at Westminster in London from
1707 until 1999.  Two descendants, Kenneth Gibson and Robert Gibson continue to serve today in the new Scottish Parliament formed in 1999.
Lord Alexander Gibson 1571-1644 Second son of George, chartered Fifth Baron, First Lord Durie in 1621, First Lord Baronet in 1628, and Lord Clerk Register.
  m. Lady Margaret Craig b. 1575  The daughter of Lord Thomas Craig of Riccarton, b.1538, Lord Advocate, and early Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh.
Lord Alexander Gibson, First Lord Durie and Lord Clerk Register.     
The image is Lord Alexander Gibson
Fifth Baron, First Lord Durie in 1621, First Lord Baronet in 1628, and Lord Clerk Register in 1641.
        ["In July of 1690, William Gibson, leader of Clan Durie,  was with King William III of England during the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland,  against James 2nd,
        the dethroned King of England.  His gallantry in the battle caused King William, known as William of Orange, to make him a Lord and gave him a castle and
        grant in Yorkshire, England.  He was appointed Lord Clerk Register and awarded the title of  Lord Duriethe name his descendants maintain to this day."]
        William "Lord Durie" was the grandson of William b. 1576.
[The early Gibsons as loyal followers of John Knox, played a significant part in the Protestant Reformation in Scotland,
      the establishment of the
Church of Scotland and the worldwide Presbyterian Church, especially after 1560.] (ref.) (ref.)
         A Famous descendant  of Alexander is Sir Alexander Gibson 1926-1995, conductor of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and founder of the Scottish Opera,
         Well known descendants of  William are James Gibson-Craig with his son William Gibson-Craig,  both having served high positions in the Scottish Parliament.
A descendant of Thomas is Thomas Milner Gibson, 1806-1884,  a member of the British Parliament.  Many Canadian Gibsons also descended from this branch
         migrating to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  There is no direct link but Alexander "Boss" Gibson (1819-August 14, 1913) probably connects to this branch.
      Primogeniture assured Alexander II of the family fortune, John would have inherited everything in 1656 if he would have remained in Scotland.
     Alexander II b. 1598 d. June 1656 Knighted in 1621, he was appointed Clerk of Session in 1628, Clerk of Parliament in 1632, Second Lord Baronet, and Lord of Session in 1646.
     John I      b. 1601 d. 1694    John became a successful shipping merchant and  emigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1632.  He married Rebecca Thompson shortly after arriving.
     George     b. 1604 d. 1669    George served as Lord of Parliament and ultimately received the Barony and most of the family fortune, then passed them on to his many descendants. (ref.).
     Elizabeth   b. abt. 1606               Alexander II's son John II, Third Lord Baronet, sat in the last Parliament of Scotland and the first Scottish Parliament of Charles II.
     Helen        b. abt. 1609               John II's son Alexander III, Fourth Lord Baronet, died without issue passing the Barony to his uncle George.(ref.) (ref.) (ref.) (ref.) (ref.)
     Margaret   b. abt. 1611               If John would have remained in Scotland he would have received the Barony and most of the family fortune. (ref.) (ref.) (ref.) (ref.)
     Jean          b. 1613 d. 1676     Jean married George Preston 1612 - 1659 of Craigmillar, Scotland, they were 8th great grandparents of animator and film producer, Walt Disney.
Sir John Gibson 1601-1694 The immigrant, ref p. 388, a "free thinking" merchant, he fled from Scotland in 1631 abandoning a significant family fortune. (ref.) (ref.)  (ref.)
 Most of the family fortune was lost during the English Civil War (1642-1651), and acquired by the Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell and the new Parliament.
                                                    John, an early "uncompromising Presbyterian" like his brothers, emigrated to Newetowne in 1631 which became Cambridge in 1638.
  m. Rebecca Thompson in 1634 Lady Rebecca (1613-1661), the daughter of the well know Scottish nobleman Lord William Thompson (1580-1671) arrived in 1633.
  m. Joanna Prentice in1662      After making false witchcraft accusations, the family experienced severe financial, legal, medical, religious and emotional issues culminating with 
                                                   daughter Rebecca being accused of witchcraft.  In 1656, They were censured, excommunicated and banished to Roxbury. (ref.) (ref.)
                                                   Rebecca Thompson Gibson died shortly after her daughter was banished and was buried in the Old Roxbury Hill Cemetery on Dec 1, 1661. 
                                                   John then married Joanna Prentice, widow of Henry Prentice, on July 24, 1662.  Joanna was the Great Grandmother of John Hancock.
                                                   Obviously and extremely stressful period for her and the entire family, daughter Rebecca and Charles moved to Watertown, Massachusetts.
   Rebecca b. 1635- 1681          She married Charles Stearns of Watertown,  Mass.  on June 22, 1654 and raised six children.  At the age of 41, he served as an officer in the King Philip's war.
   Mary    b.   29 March 1637      Mary married John Ruggles of Roxbury, Mass.  on April 3, 1655,  the son of  John and Barbara Ruggles and raised four children.
   Martha b.   29 April 1639         Martha married Jacob Newell of Roxbury, Mass.  on November 3, 1657 and raised eight children.  He was the son of Abraham and Frances Newell of Ipswich.
   John Jr. 1641-Oct 15, 1679   He married Rebecca Errington on Dec 9, 1668 the daughter of Abraham Errington and Rebecca Cutler of Cambridge.  He was a soldier in the King Philip's War.
   Samuel 28 Oct, 1644-20 Mar, 1709   He married Sarah Pemberton on Oct 30, 1668 who died giving birth to their first child.   He then married Mrs Elizabeth (Remington) Steadman on
                                                                           June 14, 1679, after the death of her husband John.  Sam was a soldier in the King Philip's War,  raised five children and experienced some legal problems.

                                                                [It was very uncommon to have negative ancestral information published.  A reader  would have to "read between the lines" to find out what actually occurred.
                                                                Genealogist Frederick Clifton Pierce Esq,   politely discussed witchcraft,  when in 1883, he published
"The Gibson Family of Cambridge"cited on page 388.
                                                                Due to the Rebecca Gibson witchcraft fiasco, certainly no eligible man, widowed or single,  would consider sister in law Rebecca (Errington) Gibson for a wife".
                                                                My mother, Sarah Jane Knowlton  was a direct descendant of Rebecca Gibson and Charles Sterns of Roxbury, through John Knowlton's mother Abigail Pierce.

John Gibson Jr. 1641-1679 Born in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, the oldest son and fourth child of John Sr., he died young just before the birth of son Timothy.
                                                   John, an inexperienced officer, was "encouraged" by his step grandfather, Captain Thomas Prentice to assist him fighting in the King Philip's war.
 m.Rebecca Errington Dec 9,1668, the daughter of Abraham Errington and Rebecca Cutler, she descended from the father of Catholic Martyr, Bishop George Errington.
  b. 1643,  d. 4 DEC 1713.   Rebecca experienced "financial difficulty" and received a small amount of financial assistance from the church, after the death of John in 1679.
                                               She struggled to raise her young family alone and in September of 1680 was
 identified by church elders as an "unsuitable mother". (ref.)  
                                               After a brief session in court, her children were taken from her and placed with "suitable church families".
                                               Rebecca was then "put out by the selectman to families in the country", obviously an extremely difficult time for her with no record of her death.
   Rebecca  4  Oct, 1669-1788  Daughter Rebecca was a "troubled child", never married and died young.  (ref.)  There are obvious omissions in this sanitized text by Mehitable Wilson from 1900.
   Martha   14 Aug, 1671-1733 She married Ruben Lilly of Concord and then married Joseph Knight of Woburn, Massachusetts 1673-1732.  (ref.)
   Mary      1673-1732                   She was raised with the family of Stephen Gates of Stow Massachusetts  and married his son Nathaniel Gates, 1675-1731 on Oct 17, 1700.  (ref.)
   John III 1676
-1751                   It would appear that young John, obviously intelligent and well educated, had a different view on life and was apparently quite unhappy with his life in Cambridge.
                                                                           "Under a bad influence, he was excommunicated for his radical views".  This was not a good time to be a Quaker in the Mass. Bay Colonies.
                                                                            Similar incidents a few years earlier resulted in a swift execution.   The church elders then attempted to erase all records of his existence.
  Timothy   1679-July 14,1757  Timothy grew up with the family of Stephen Gates of Stow Massachusetts.  He was well educated,  became a church deacon and married  daughter Rebecca Gates. 
                                                                 Timothy's son, Captain Timothy Gibson II,  and grandson, Captain Timothy Gibson III,  proudly fought in the revolution with honor and distinction.    Thanks Mel
                                                                 Descendants of Timothy include, shipping merchant Captain Nehemiah GibsonBoston merchant Charles Gibson and Gibson Girl artist Charles Dana Gibson.
                                                                 Well known living descendants of Timothy are artist William Gibson, writer and Jeopardy star Hutton Gibson, and his famous son's, actors Donal and Mel Gibson.
                                         [Hollywood producer and directorMel Gibson is very aware of our family history and religious background with many of his movies recording events of our ancestors.]
                                         [Obviously,  some of the Gibson family ancestors were very independent in their thinking and NOT active members of  the Cambridge community or the established church.]

                                         [Contrary to popular belief,  the Massachusetts Bay Colonies were NOT founded on religious freedom,  a few years earlier many Quakers were executed for their belief.]
                                         [I have been searching for almost forty years for information on the "Halsall" "Halsell" or "Hulsell" Quakers.  Who was this group that existed about 320 years ago?]

John Gibson III 1676-1751    Fourth child and oldest son of John Jr., he was an early colonial Philadelphia resident and friend of the family of William Penn.
  m. Anne St. Clair  1677-1748 in 1699,  She was a sister of early Pennsylvania settler William St. Clair, the grandfather of Continental Army General Arthur St. Clair.
Click here to view full image. Thomas K. Gibson is a professional public speaker. This presentation features General Arthur St. Clair and Colonel Thomas Knowlton. Arthur St. Clair was President of the United States in Congress Assembled when the United States Constitution was enacted.
 John Gibson III is identified by some as his cousin, the grandson of William Gibson who was born in Scotland in 1609 and emigrated to England about 1663.
William made significant contributions to the founding of Pennsylvania and was one of the signers of  Penn's Charter of Libertie on April 25, 1682.
 John espoused the cause of the Hulsell Quakers and with community antagonism toward his religion, departed the hostile Bay Colony
 area as a young man, arriving in the Quaker friendly city of Philadelphia, some time between 1693 and 1696, and possibly indentured.
 John lived with cousins (siblings?) William and Patience on arrival in Philadelphia, the grandchildren of his Quaker uncle William Gibson.
 An early teacher and administrator of Friends Select School in Philadelphia, he was called by Attorney General David Lloyd in 1696,
 to help frame the Charter of Privileges, (especially his religious freedom writings in section one), the first Constitution of Pennsylvania.
 It remained in effect until 1777 with some of his writing appearing in the U.S. Constitution, written in 1787, and still in use today.
     John (IV)    1700-1700   John died in infancy and is interred at Christ Church Burial Grounds in Philadelphia, along with his St. Clair Grand parents and other relatives.  
     Robert        1702-1754   Robert moved to northern Virginia, then back to the Philadelphia area (Bucks Co.) to encourage other to settle in Virginia.  His family was quite prolific.  Thanks Donna
     George       1704-1761   George Sr, with his famous son's General John Gibson and Colonel George Gibson, were early settlers and founders of Lancaster, in Lancaster County, PA.
     Rebecca     1707-1777   (or 07) Please let us know if you have any information on Rebecca Gibson.  Did she marry, remain a Quaker,  stay in Philadelphia or move to Virginia with the others?
     Moses       1710-1764   Moses remained a Quaker, moved to Virginia, became a successful planter and tobacco merchant, and built a beautiful  plantation home named "Valley View".
     Mary          1712-1783   Mary Gibson moved to northern Virginia,  married and moved west, probably to  western Virginia or Kentucky.  Any additional information would be appreciated.
     Anne          1715-1736   Anne Gibson moved to Virginia and married John Frame in 1735.  She died during the birth of their first child, then John remarried shortly thereafter.
     William       1717-1771   William Gibson's son John married Sarah McDowell, moved to Greenbrier, Virginia, (now WV), and raised a large family with many descendants.  Thanks Bradley
                                                                 Famous Tony Award winner playwright William Gibson, writer of The Miracle Worker, the story of  Helen Keller's education, was descended from William.
 Many of John Gibson's descendants named their sons John, James, Joseph, George, Thomas or William with many of them serving in the Continental Army, as a Major, Colonel, or General.
Click on picture for a full view of the grave of John Bannister Gibson.  Major General John Gibson b. 23 May 1740, Ref. p. 481, was commanding officer and governor of the Indiana Territory from 1800 to 1816.
  General John Gibson married Ann Ball, b. 3 May 1736, a first cousin of his good friend General George Washington through his mother Mary Ball.
  Colonel George Gibson, b. 10 Oct 1747, was a  Commander in the Colonial Army and led the famous Gibson's Lambs of Lancaster, PA.
  He later served with his uncle, Major General Arthur St. Clair and was killed in the disastrous Battle of the Wabash or St. Clair's defeat.
  His oldest son George Gibson III, was an early explorer and a significant member of the Lewis and Clark expedition.
  Colonel George Gibson was the father of the Honorable John Bannister Gibson, a highly respected Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
  Colonel George married Anne West, was the father of  Francis West Gibson, an early explorer, and died in battle at the Defeat of St. Clair.
  Francis W. Gibson was the grandfather of
Milton Baker Gibson, an early Mayor of York, PA, and president of York Weaver Piano and Organ Co. of York, PA.
  Grandson Isaac was an officer in the Prince William Co.Colonial Brigade, and great grandson  James Gibson, was a Colonel in the War of 1812.
  Another grandson, John Gibson, son of William, was an early colonial  mayor of Philadelphia from December 5, 1772, to May 21, 1773.

[Pictured is the gravestone of John Bannister Gibson in the old Carlisle, PA cemetery.  My son's Chris and Jon,  don't fully share my enthusiasm for  visiting the final resting place of our ancestors.]
Moses Gibson
    1710-1764    Born in Philadelphia, his family moved to Bucks Co, PA.  In 1735 he moved to Upperville, Prince William County, in northern Va. (Ref.)
  m Elsie Janney  b.1711 in 1734 He and Elsie raised eight children. From this branch descended many noteworthy Gibsons of Virginia, Kentucky and the Carolinas.
          Elsie's father Abel, the son of  Thomas Janney, moved from Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, and with many other Quaker families founded Waterford, VA in 1733,  where her brother Amos built a mill.
          Moses and Elsie were devout members of the early Hicksite Quaker movement.  He was a successful planter and tobacco merchant, and built a beautiful plantation home named "Valley View".
        Valley View Farm,  a 1735 original 1000 acre Virginia land grant, figured prominently in the June 21, 1863 Battle of Upperville.  It was located on Trappe Road about one mile north of town.
      Isaac        1735-1798    Eldest son Isaac,  after a brief and difficult service in the colonial militia,  returned to Upperville, and raise eight  children on the "Valley View" family plantation.
      Joseph      1737-1795    Joseph married, moved to nearby Loudoun County and raised 7 children.  His descendants lived in Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina.  Thanks Kenneth
      James       1739-1801    James moved back to the Philadelphia area and then to New Jersey where he raised a large family and was the ancestor Col. James Gibson.  (Ref.) Thanks Bruce
      John (V)   1740-1805     John married his 1st cousin Ruth Janney, the daughter of his uncle Amos,  with two children.  After her  death, John married Betsy Prior and fathered six more children.
Thomas    1744-1784    Thomas married Ann Randall, raised a large family with well known grandson's Randall, and Thomas, the founders of  The Gibson Family de Béxar of Kentucky & Texas.
      Moses      1747-1803    Moses raised a large family in Virginia, and was the ancestor of  Frank Gibson, an early manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers and other home appliances.  
      Rebecca    b.abt 1750    Rebecca married Daniel Peach on Oct 25, 1793, (her second marriage).  Daniel was a cousin to Samuel Peach Jr. (below).   (Ref.)  Thanks Debbie
      Anne         b.abt 1752    Married Mr. Smith and Then John Clark.   Unfortunately we have not been able to find any information on daughter Ann other than her married name.
    Rebecca Gibson,  grand daughter of John and Ruth Janney, and daughter of John and his second wife Betsy Pryor, married Samuel Peach Jr. in 1822, (he was also a Quaker).  (Ref.) Thanks Debbie
Nelson Gibson,  grand son of John and Ruth Janney m. Emsey Hatcher, daughter of Joseph Hatcher and Hannah Reeder.   (Ref.) Thanks Bruce
    John Gibson,  son of John (V) moved to Saluda Co. South Carolina and married (Susannah ?), his family was very large with many descendants serving in the Confederate Army.  (Ref.) Thanks Randall
    It is a shame that Penny and O. D. Linder refused to use the Internet when writing their book. Yes, it is difficult separating the trash,  but a  vast amount of accurate old world information is available.
    I have discovered that there are significant errors recorded,  printed and passed on as fact by many 19th century genealogists with many of these printed errors listed correctly on the web.

Isaac Gibson      1735-1798   Isaac, the eldest son of  Moses, was born in Upperville, Va. and with Esther, raised eight children on the family plantation "Valley View".
 m.Esther Jamison 1736-1826 in 1754. Her father, Captain William Jamison, was killed in the French and Indian War, her mother died shortly after "of a broken heart".
                                         He was a colonial soldier, planter and merchant, and inherited the family plantation at the age of 29, after the death of his father in 1764. (Ref.)
                      A devout Quaker, he did not actively serve in the revolutionary war, but was recognized for his support by General Washington and paid for supplying tobacco to the Continental Army.
                      Isaac was a non-combatant trooper and served under his father in law, Captain William Jamison in the French and Indian War, on the failed attempt to capture Fort Duquense in 1755.
Isaac served in the Colonial Army with five highly respected senior officers as relatives: William Jamison, George Gibson, John Gibson, George Washington and Arthur St. Clair.
                      He was in the 
Prince William County Colonial Brigade with his 23 year old cousin, Major Geo. Washington, in the battles of Jumonville Glen, and Great Meadows or Fort Necessity.
                      He buried his father in law and his Commanding Officer, General Edward Braddock
at Great Meadows, after their  defeat at the Monongahela, attempting capture of Fort Duquense.
                      Daniel Boone who's family also moved from the Bucks Co.  area to northern Virginia, 
was a family friend and neighbor and served with Isaac under Captain William Jamison.
                 Apparently there were two Isaac Gibsons in Loudoun Co. in the 1760's.  One married Ester Sinkler and the other married Esther Jamison, obviously very confusing for genealogists.
                 The Isaac Gibson who married Ester Sinkler was the son of  Joseph Gibson (1699-1764) and Alice Jackson (1703 - 13 Dec 1790, both Bradford Meeting Quakers
from Chester, PA. 
                 They moved to Fairfax in Loudoun County, Virginia around 1764 after the death of his father,  born in Ireland in 1676,  emigrated in 1696, and descended from Lord George III above.
                     Many early genealogists have mixed these two families due to similar names.  I believe this is the correct information for Isaac and Esther Jamison and would appreciate documentation.

     Isaac       1756-1826   Eldest son Isaac never married, left the family plantation around 1776,  and became a successful tobacco and slave merchant in Alexandria, Virginia.
     William    1758-1842  William married Sally Winn, daughter of the notable Minor Winn Jr. Esq.  In 1826 they inherited the 1000 acre family tobacco plantation "Valley View" in Upperville, Va.
     Joseph     1762-1838  Joseph, a planter,  apparently lived his entire life at Valley View.  His employment and marriage information was not recorded or has been discretely hidden. (Ref.)
     Susannah 1765-1845  Susannah Gardner Gibson married John Logan, a planter and lived at Valley View their entire lives.  Valley View Plantation straddled Loudoun and Fauquier counties.
     Moses    1768-1837  Moses was a planter,  married Elizabeth "Betsy" Withers Winn,  daughter of  Minor Winn Jr., and built a large family plantation named Bowling Green in Flint Hill, Va.
Samuel    1770-1772  Samuel died young       Some of this information is from the genealogy investigation of cousin Kenneth Gibson, I am very appreciative of his work and superb information.
     Esther      1772-1848  Esther married Frederick Hicks in 1789 who was killed in the War of 1812.  In 1814 she married James Bowles and raised five children on the family plantation.
              Isaac and Esther also raised her younger brother William, b.1751 and sister Rachel b.1753, after the unexpected death of  her mother, Susannah Gardner, in 1756.
  Isaac and then his son William owned "Valley View", an original 1000 acre land granttobacco plantation, with at least 27 slaves, in Upperville, Loudoun County, Va.  
 The following property transaction, copied from the Virgina state public records, records the transfer of a slave named Alfred Clark after the death of Esther, wife of Isaac Gibson.          



William Gibson, 
Joseph Gibson,

John Logan &
Susannah Gibson, 
Moses Gibson,
James Bowles &
Esther Gibson, 
heirs of Isaac & 
Esther Gibson

Name of slave 

Alfred Clark


Clark, a "boy," was born in Alexandria.

Witnessed by

John W. Massie, William S. Massie
John W. Minor, Benjamin Hoge, Jacob Douglas, Samuel Bowles, Alfred Logan, Isham Bushrod,  
Charles Bonner

      Ref #


           Many of the Upperville tobacco plantations including "Valley View" were burned by the Union Army in the Battle of Upperville, on June 21, 1863.
   "The Maples", a restored neighboring plantation, was owned by Mrs. [Betty Wise Gibson] Fletcher, a grand daughter of William Gibson. (Ref.)
   William and Sally Gibson moved to Baltimore, raised four children, then inherited "Valley View" in 1826 after the sudden deaths of his older brother and mother.

        Their oldest son, Dr. William Gibson 1788-1868, was one of the first professors of surgery at the University of Maryland and a respected Army surgeon who fought at the battle of Waterloo in 1815.
Dr. Gibson, with his well known son Col. Dr. Charles Bell Gibson,  witnessed the destruction of their beloved plantation home, then moved to Savannah, Georgia, where he died on March 2, 1868.
        Their second son, Rev. John Gibson was the father of  genealogist and writer, Judge John Gibson of York, PA and the grandfather of  Rev. Robert Fisher Gibson, Esq, an early Mayor of York, PA.
        Rev. John Gibson married Elizabeth Jameson, Daughter of Dr. Horatio Gates Jameson.  Judge John Gibson's daughter, Charlotte Packard Gibson, married York industrialist, Francis H. Farquhar.  
   Many noteworthy Gibson families in Central Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas and Kentucky descended from this branch of our family tree.
 Significant Information is from Biographical History of York County, Illustrated 1886” by York County President Judge John Gibson Esq.  John Gibson was married to Helen Packard of  Albany, NY.
John was a minister, writer, genealogist, historian, lawyer and judge.  His brother, Horatio Gates Gibson was a Civil War General and his son Robert was a Mayor of York at the turn of the last century.
Many of our family ancestors were early explorers of the Susquehanna Valley area of Pennsylvania, and founders of  Lancaster and later York, both early capitals of our emerging republic. 

Moses Gibson  5 Jun 1768-1837   A planter and merchant, they raised five children on their plantation named "Bowling Green" in Flint Hill, Rappahannock County, Va.
 m. Elizabeth "Betsy" Withers Winn 1769-1855, in 1796 , daughter of notable Minor Winn Jr. 1730-1813, and Elizabeth Withers 1732-1794, was descended from four Mayflower pilgrims.
                         Betsy, born into southern aristocracy, was raised on the Winn family tobacco plantation named "Eden", in Charles City, Prince William County, Virginia.
                         Her sister Margaret Winn, was the grandmother of General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, and a cousin to President Andrew Jackson.
   Rev. Minor Winn 7Apr 1797-1877 m.  Elizabeth Pendleton Shackelford.  Minor , a well known, highly respected Lawyer was a first cousin to General Stonewall Jackson. (Ref.)  (Ref.)
   Thornton Lewis 27 Aug 1798-1822  d. young    A special thanks to the many Gibson descendants and relatives that have contributed to these pages over the last fifteen years.
   Alcinda Keene    2 Apr 1800-1829   d. young, m. the  Hon.  Richard Walker Barton of Winchester,  He raised two children, Daughter Julia Gramme and son Rev. Richard Thomas Barton.
   Isaac Sinclair     12 Aug 1802-1822  d. young, m. Mary Poynton of Alexandria, Virginia in 1822 and drowned shortly after his marriage. With no children, she remarried shortly after his death.
   Alpheus Withers12 Apr 1808-1864 m. Harriet West Aldridge of Loudoun, Va.   Dr. Gibson practiced in Loudoun, Va and raised four children, John Moses, William, Henry Clay and Alcinda.
   Lucinda Naunton11 Dec 1809-1812 d. young     Sadly,  Moses and Betsy had to bury five of their seven children.
   Moses Williams  31 Oct 1811-1826  d. young,  was killed by a runaway horse on his twenty first birthday and never married.  Thanks to Kenneth and many other family contributors.
Bowling Green Plantation today              Moses Gibson, a tobacco planter and merchant like his father, planted wheat in some of his fields, along with his neighbors, he
Bowling Green Plantation home of Moses Gibson taken in 2009.was an early experimenter in the practice of crop rotation. With encouragement from his wife, he resigned Quaker membership,
joined the Winn family in the Episcopal Church and was buried in the family cemetery plot along with five of his children.  
Most of the grave markers have been removed with the headstone of Moses being used as part of the floor on the porch.

Betsy Gibson, not able or willing to run Bowling Green on her own after the death of Moses in 1837, sold the estate to
Eastham Jordan in 1839, who agreed to maintain the cemetery plot in perpetuity. Minor obviously was NOT interested in planting.
Dad's great aunt, first lady Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, lived a block from us in Wytheville and also attended the same church.

A famous descendant of William, son of Dr. Alpheus and Harriet,  is science fiction writer William Ford Gibson, born in 1948.
[William or "Bill" (never Billy), was raised by his mother Otey, our neighbor and family friend in Wytheville, VA, whom we vacationed with many times. 
Growing up without a father, quiet and reserved, he attended school and played  with cousin Tommy Gibson, who introduced him to electronics and science.
 Living in southwestern, VA in the 1950's was an experience.  William's writings of his youth in Wytheville are enlightening.  Ask me about it sometime?]
    Elizabeth "Betsy" Withers Winn, descended from the aristocratic families of John WinnWilliam WithersJohn Minor, William Claiborne, Thomas Keene
    Robert GosnoldEdward Thorley, William Naunton, Benjamin HarrisonJohn Butler, Thomas Gerrard, Thomas Neville and their Royal and Noble ancestors.
    Edward Wingfield, the grandson of Lord Robert Wingfield, and his first cousin Robert Gosnold, were the principal financial founders of Jamestown, Virginia.
Edward Maria Wingfield, as the first president of Jamestown Colony, is recognized as the first elected president in what is today the United States of America.
    Lord Robert Gosnold was the principle financial  backers of the failed Roanoke Colony in North Carolina, where he sent his cousin, Sir Walter Raleigh in 1586.
    A few years later, he also financed Jamestown Colony, and sent his grandson Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold to lead the first party of explorers and establish the colony.  
    Along with half of the colonists, Bartholomew died shortly after arriving in Virginia and the leadership of the colony passed to the arrogant and boastful Captain John Smith.
    John Smith rarely mentioned Captain Gosnold in his 1620's imaginative writings on the founding of Jamestown and claimed credit for the colony establishment himself.
    Specifically, his incredibly embellished stories of Pocahontas and saving the colony of Jamestown from savages have been passed on as fact for more than 350 years.
    Bartholomew Gosnold is considered by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA) to be "The prime mover of the colonization of Virginia".
    He led the first European expedition to
Cape Cod, on May 15, 1602, and established
Martha's Vineyard, one of the earliest English settlements on the continent.
Bartholomew Gosnold's grave was recently discovered just outside the main gate of the old Jamestown Colony Please don't skip this incredible story.
Rev. Minor Winn Gibson Esq. 7 Apr 1797 - 14 Jun1877. Born on the family tobacco plantation, he was a highly respected lawyer with the Hon. John Shackelford Esq.
 m. Elizabeth Pendleton Shackelford, 1800-1874,  the daughter of  the Hon. John Shackelford Esq, and the niece of the Hon. Edmund Pendleton Esq, First Supreme Court Justice of Virginia.
Rev. Minor Winn Gibson, Esq.Mrs. Elizabeth Pendleton Shackelford Gibson
Elizabeth descended from the well known southern colonial aristocratic families of 
Roger Shackelford,
Philip  Pendleton, Edward Palmer, Richard Tutt, William Underwood,
Henry Johnson, James Harrison, William HurtRobert Taliaferro,
Richard Henry Lee Sr.,
John Gregory, John Taylor, Thomas Rolfe, Robert Carter, James Madison Sr., John Bolling,
Robert Bishop, John Robbins
, Samuel Clayton, and James Jones, grandfather of President James Monroe (ref).
Elizabeth's grandmother, Elizabeth Jones was a second cousin to President James Monroe through his mother also an Elizabeth Jones.
Elizabeth was a third cousin to General Geo. Washington through Lawrence Towneley and Mary Hartley, a cousin of Col. Thomas Hartley.
Elizabeth was also a 3rd cousin to James Madison, Andrew Jackson and both William and Benjamin Harrison.
She was a 2nd cousin to Presidents Zachary Taylor, William Harrison, James Monroe and Thomas Jefferson.
Minor was closely related (first cousin) to well known Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.
With four lines to the famous Lee family of Virginia, three to the Taylor family and two each to the Jefferson,
Monroe and Harrison families, we have significant links to many Colonial Founding Fathers.
[The picture of Minor was taken shortly after the American Civil War ended, the photograph of Elizabeth in 1853.]
Judge Edmund Pendleton, the most influential character of the American Revolution you have never heard of. A true forgotten founder of our Nation. Judge Pendleton, President of the Virginia House of  Burgesses Continental Association, he was the first Governor of Virginia, before Patrick Henry.   
  Edmond was consulted many times by his close friends and cousins Thomas Jefferson James Madison and George Washington, for his input and thoughts as the    
   Committee of Five drafted the Declaration of Independence.  He signed and was a significant contributer to the drafting and adoption of  the Articles of Association.  
   As president of the Virginia House of  Burgesses, he is the person to whom Patrick Henry addressed with the famous "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech.  
Pendleton is solely responsible for saving the Union  by adding the phrase "when they enter into a state of society", allowing southern states to sign the Declaration.
   Appointed the first president of the First Continental Congress, Judge Pendleton is considered by some historians to be the First President of the United Colonies.  
With fifteen depicted in the famous painting by John Trumbull,  our family ancestors obviously made a significant contribution to the founding of our country.       
We are related to many founding fathers, presidents, Mayflower passengers, Jamestown founders, Amsterdam founders, and Americans with colonial ancestors.     
Judge Edmund Pendleton, "A Significant Forgotten Founding Father of Our Nation".  

  Elizabeth's mother, Lucy Pendleton Tutt,  is recorded as descended from John Bolling and many first arrivals of the early Virginia colonies of Williamsburg and Jamestown.(Ref.)
  Her 2nd cousins, Navy Secretary John Pendleton Kennedyand his brother, Senator Anthony Kennedy also descend from our Kennedy, Cooke & Dunham branches.
  Lucy was the first cousin of 1864 Vice Presidential candidate George Pendleton who married Mary A. Key, daughter of  National Anthem author Francis Scott Key.
  Her mother, Elizabeth Pendleton, was a sister of Col. Nathaniel Pendleton, a friend and relative of 1st Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, shot by Aaron Burr in a duel.
  She is also recorded as a direct descendant of  five Mayflower pilgrims, Sir William Gerrard, Lord Chancellor Of  Ireland and many significant European Royalty and Nobility.  
   With community hostility toward their son James serving in the Union Army, Minor and Elizabeth Gibson moved to the relative safety of nearby Washington D.C. during the Civil War.
   While serving in the Union Army, James also experienced some stressful situations due to his close family relationship with well known Confederate General "Stonewall" Jackson.
    President James Carter and President William Clinton descend from the southern aristocratic Gibson families with some genealogists suggesting mixed racial descent.
Rev. Minor Winn Gibson Esq., witnessed the destruction of his grandfather's tobacco plantation after the Battle of Upperville, on June 21, 1863.
   Minor, an ordained Episcopal clergyman,  was a professional genealogist and published many books and pamphlets in addition to writing a weekly column in the Richmond Times for twenty years.
   He also preached many times at Historic St. John's Church on 2319 East Broad Street, in Richmond Va, the church of his ancestors and also many significant events in the founding of our country.
    Lucy Withers    b. 9 May 1821  Lucy never married and died 13 Feb. 1874.   She is listed in the 1860 U.S. census as a 39 year old school teacher living with her parents in Washington D.C.
    Mary Ellen        b. 5 Aug. 1823  Mary Ellen m. Dr. James Madison Porter on Aug 1, 1848, bore two children, Glisson Thomas and Lucy Elizabeth and died Oct 2, 1853.  Dr. Porter remarried.
    Martha Irene     b. 9 Mar.1826  Martha never married and died young on 28 Feb. 1848.     Minor and Elizabeth Gibson buried five of their nine children.
    Isaac Tutt       b. 30 Jan.1828  Rev. Isaac Gibson married Annie Sophia Wingerd and raised four children during the American Civil War.  They lived on the family plantation until the war.
    Alcinda Ester    b. 20 Feb1830  M. Col.  Dr. Gabriel Ellis Porter of Frostburg, MD in Oct. 1853. Lived in Lonaconing, MD.  Raised nine children with six deceased in 1889 when Dr. Porter died.
    John St.Pierre   b.11 May1832  Dr. John Gibson, MD married Mary Smith Wallace of Augusta, Georgia, whom he met in college.  They raised two children,  Edward Lacy and Bessie M. Gibson.
 Minor Pendleton  4 Apr  1835   Unfortunately,  Minor Pendleton Gibson died shortly after his birth.  He would have passed on three great names.
     Moses Winn    b. 7 May 1837   "Colonel" Gibson, a store clerk, lived Lonaconing, MD, had a gambling and drinking problem, moved to Kentucky and was "saved" by Rev. Steven P. Holcombe.
James Green   b. 22 July 1839  In 1860 James was living with his parents & sister in Washington DC.  He then served in the Union Army and in 1870  working as a store clerk in Lonaconing, Md. 

          A descendant of Dr. John and Mary Gibson through son Lacy, is famous silent film actor Edmund Richard "Hoot" Gibson, 1892-1962, the only Gibson with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

          A descendant of Henry Pendleton is Major General Joseph Henry Pendleton, USMC,  pioneered Marine Corps activities in the San Diego area and served as mayor of Coronado from 1928-1930.
          The United States Marine Corp Base, Camp Joseph H. Pendleton, just north of San Diego, was named in honor of General Pendleton by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on September 25, 1942.
Rev. Isaac T. Gibson   1828-1906  Born on the family plantation "Bowling Green" in Flint Hill, Rappahannock County, Va, he became a highly respected Clergyman. (Ref.)
 m. Annie Sophie Wingerd 1831-1895 on Feb 28, 1853.    Isaac and Annie raised six children during the U.S. Civil War,  including Annie's younger sister and brother,  
            Rev. Isaac T. GibsonMargaret, Mrs. Annie Sophie Wingerd Gibsonborn in 1841 and George, born in 1845,  after the untimely death of her parents and grandparents in 1852.

  Isaac and Annie moved around avoiding the War and Reconstruction, before settling down in Norristown, Pa. 
  Rev. Isaac T. Gibson, an author and respected Clergyman and served as
  Rector of the Old Fork Church in Hanover Co, VA; 1866:
  Assistant Rector of Zion Church in Charlestown, WV; 1866-1868:
  Rector of St. Martin's Parish, VA; 1868-70:  Danville, KY;1870-71:  
  Calvary Church, Louisville, KY; 1871-72:  briefly at Trinity Church in Covington, KY;
and finally
  appointed Priest and Rector at St. John's Episcopal Church, Norristown, Pa from 1872 until his death in 1906.
He is listed in the 1888-1893 Norristown City Directories as residing at 27 E. Airy St. in Norristown, PA.

         The Southern Churchman said in his obituary  he authored  several works on the Higher Criticism, the latest,
         "Reasons for the Higher Criticism" written in 1900,
 being well-known.  He also wrote "Leading Higher Critics on the Origin of the Levitical Law"in 1894;
         "The Pentateuch and Joshua" in 1895; and "Reasons for the Higher Criticisms of the Hexateuch" written in 1897.
     [I have copies of many of his books,  St. John's Episcopal Church library, in Norristown, Pennsylvania has copies of all of his published books and unpublished manuscripts.]
     [Although it is great to see his books published again, how can Bibliobazaar copyright on June 3, 2009,  a public domain book of a deceased author and sell copies for  more than $20.00 each.]
     [For more than 100 years almost every Gibson baby in our branch of the tree was baptized at
St. John's Episcopal Church in Norristown, Pennsylvania
     [My brother, father, grandparents, great grandparents, gg grandparents and almost every deceased Gibson in our extended family is buried in the St. John's Episcopal Church cemetery.]
      John Shackelford b. 23 Dec1853  d. 4 Dec 1912  m. Ilicia Wheeler Davis daughter of Dr. James Marvin Davis.  He was a genealogist and an Episcopal Clergyman like his father and grandfather.
Ethel Wingerd      b.  4 Feb 1856   d. 24 Dec 1934   Ethel owned a dry goods store in Norristown.  She never married and shared a home with her younger sister Delia until her death.
      Muscoe Minor  b. 1859 - 1932  m. Amy Butler Whitton, the daughter of  Mary Cooke Cushman and Joseph Morris Bower Whitton.  Both Mary and Joseph had superb pedigrees of nobility.
      Delia Pendleton   b.  23 Nov 1862  d. 1936   Delia,  a music teacher, never married and lived with her sister. Unable to cope with the death of her sister, she died shortly thereafter.
      Frank Mason      b.  10 Jan. 1865 d. 1865   Their youngest son died in infancy near the end of the American Civil War.
                                         With their young children, they witnessed the destruction of the family plantations in Upperville, on June 21, 1863.
                                         John S. Gibson's memories, as a nine year old writing of the burning of his grandparents home, are especially poignant.

Almost 100 Gibson men served in the Civil War, some fighting against brothers and cousins.  Many were killed and never returned home to their families.  
                                                       Many Gibson children were raised without a father after the war ended and the age of  the "Planter Aristocracy of the South" was abolished forever.
                                         The old Gibson family Hillsborough Plantation property, now a successful winery, still uses the Hillsborough name.   
                                                      [Although the Gibson family records identify  plantation destruction by the Union Army, they were probably  destroyed by the fleeing Confederate Army,
                                                       or even more likely,  by family members and neighbors, to prevent the capture of  valuable assets and  property by the approaching Yankee forces.]
Muscoe Minor Gibson Esq.1859-1932, a respected prominent lawyer in Norristown, Pa. and SAR member, was directly descended from five Mayflower pilgrims.
  m.Amy Butler Whitton 1870-1917,  Jan 1896, raised in High Society Philadelphia, was the daughter of Joseph Morris Bower Whitton SAR & Mary Cooke Cushman DAR.
Mr. Joseph Morris Bower Whitton, SAR and descended from an extremely notable and highly respected family.Muscoe Minor Gibson Esq., SARMrs. Amy Butler Whitton Gibson, DARAgainst his father's wishes and with encouragement from his father in law, Muscoe became an active Mason.
Amy's father Joseph was an active Mason, significant land owner and founder of New Hope
now Glenbrook, CT and a long time officer and founder of the Stamford Historical Society.
Joseph, an active owner and the general manager of Niblo's Garden in New York City,
wrote and produced "The Black Crook" and many other plays performed at the famous venue.
Mary Cooke Cushman,1839-1876, directly descended from eleven Mayflower Pilgrims,
married Joseph Whitton who was directly descended from six Mayflower Pilgrims.
Mary's father and grandfather, James Cushman were well known National Masonic leaders 
Mrs. Mary Cooke Cushman Whitton, DAR and descended from an extremely notable and highly respected family.with the titles of "Most Excellent Master", "Royal Arch Mason" and "Grand Lecturer".
An early major promoter of Cryptic Masonry, James Cushman was a founder and
leading member of the American York Rite including the Shriners and Knights Templar.
James Cushman was a direct descendant of King Edward III and European Royalty,
and closely related to presidents Jackson, Coolidge and both Roosevelts.
               The Black Crook, written and produced by William Wheatley and Joseph Whitton, featured character names of Mary's German ancestors, such as "Hertzog".
James Cushman was a direct descendant of the notable Putnam and Hutchinson families of Salem, MA, ancestors of Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam,
and also from Robert Cushman, Francis Cooke, Steven Hopkins, Isaac Allerton and Rev. John Robinson, five of the pilgrim founding fathers of  Plymouth MA.
Mary Cooke Cushman died from pneumonia in 1876 when Amy was only six years old.  Amy, and her older siblings attended private school near their home
and were raised by family servants Kate McNamara and Mary Phelan.  Kate and Mary continued to work for Muscoe until well after Amy's untimely death.
After Amy's death, Muscoe cut a lock of hair from her head and treasured it until his death.  The lock of light blonde hair he kept by his bedside remains in our keepsake collection.
    Anna Bertha        b. 1897  d. 1907     Great aunt Anna died young at the age of eleven.
    Joseph Whitton b. 26 Sept, 1899    Grandpa Gibson, a design engineer and statistician for Bell Laboratories in Whippany, N.J., developed Direct Distance Dialing.
                                       A dark side of our family history, the Hutchinson and Putnam families were some of the accusers in the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials
                                       that resulted in the ex
ecution or imprisonment of almost 200 member of the community.  A superb story well worth further investigation,
it is one of the most significant, emotional and tragic events in American history. Coincidently, our family home has seven gables.
                                                    Descendants of John Hutchinson were founders of the state of Rhode Island, escaping religious persecution in the Massachusetts Bay Colonies.
                                                    Charles, The Prince of Wales, and President Andrew Jackson are direct descendants of John and Sarah, and his notable father, Colonel John Hutchinson.    
     [The Gibson, Whitton and Cushman families kept meticulous family records for more than 350 years.  I have three large old family Bibles,  photographs, correspondence and official documents.
      Significant memorabilia include personal letters from Queen Victoria and Mrs. Franklin Pierce,  Military Medals,  Masonic documents,  pictures and furniture dating from the colonial era.
      We also have many published books written by ancestors with some almost 400 years old.   Many original documents and letters predate the Revolutionary War with obvious historic value.
      Mary and Joseph were second cousins through their mothers, not uncommon for the time period and the notable family lines.  I found 7 cousin marriages in our tree in the first 7 generations.
      With both Mary and Joseph from families of society and means, and living when ancestry was considered important,  homogamy and endogamy  were certainly significant in their marriage.
Mrs. Franklin Pierce was a great aunt of Mary Cooke Cushman and Queen Victoria was a third cousin.  Mary's parents visited, wrote to and received many letters from their well known cousins.
      Despite polite objections from his father, Muscoe Minor Gibson followed the tradition of Amy's family of being listed in the prestigious Philadelphia Social Register and similar directories.
      Unlike these pages, where I have prominently recorded titles and significant accomplishments of our ancestors, the family records are very discrete and usually list only the names of our ancestors.
      A reader of our  family records would have to know the deeds and history of our ancestors, or names like Mary Allerton and Thomas Cushman would just be the listing of another ancestor.
      Obviously Rev. Isaac Gibson and his son  Rev. John S. Gibson knew of our incredible family ancestry, but did not boast with the recording of titles and accomplishments when recording names.
      With boxed family memorabilia being passed on and rarely examined, I am absolutely certain my recent relatives had no idea of our Mayflower connections and exceptional lines of Royal Ancestry.

      Unfortunately my parents and grandparents stored our family archives in basements or damp areas of  their homes, and many publications, papers and heirlooms are foxed or exhibiting similar damage.

      If my father or brothers would have investigated names listed in the family Bibles or on old ancestral charts, they would have easily discerned the origin of their middle name, (Cooke and Cushman).
      According to my mother, the middle names of my brothers and sister were selected from recent ancestors of our tree because my parents "just liked the name, or the name had a nice sound to it".]

Joseph Whitton Gibson
 9/26/1899-8/26/77  Only son of Muscoe Minor, he was an AT&T design engineer and statistician, and also a published song writer and poet.
    m. Nellie Dear   9/14/00-6/14/80   
Joseph Whitton GibsonMrs. Nellie Dear Gibson
Grandpa served in the US Army during WWI.
  A telephone engineer employed for almost fifty years at Bell Labs,
Whitton was the statistician on the team that developed Direct Distance Dialing and Area Codes.
He was a supervisor on the team of inventors that created the #5 Crossbar and 
#1 ESS Electronic Switching System, among many other inventions.

Nellie was the daughter of Thomas Dear,
(21 Oct 1863 - 10 May 1955) and
Eliza Ann Wood, (
22 Apr 1866 - 10 Apr 1940), both of English descent.
Grandma, an accredited horticulturist and horticulture judge, had amazing gardens at her homes.
    Joseph Whitton Gibson Jr.2/24/1922-3/12/2005 m. Norma Jean Stewart,  d. 2000. "Uncle Gib" or "Gibby",  an engineer for Dupont, held many patents,  and was one of the creators of Nylon fabrics.
          He was a recipient of the  prestigious Olny Medal in 1979 for the invention of Nylon Hosiery and the
DuPont Lavoisier Medal "Chemist of the Year Award", in 2000.
               Joseph Whitton Gibson III and Mary Burkhart live in Newark, DE.  Children are: Catherine Ann 1972, Jennifer Lynn 1974, and Elizabeth Jane 1980.
               Winn Stewart Gibson and Thomas Joseph Gobeil, Newark, Children: Amy Winn 1972, David Bruce 1978, Michael  Philip 1980, Kevin Joseph 1988, Steven Thomas 1990, and two more.
               Philip Bruce Gibson and Deborah Frances Howie live in Lothian, MD. Children are: Kevin Whitton Gibson 1983 and Steven William Gibson 1986.

    Muscoe Minor Gibson II.  10/25/1923-2004     m. Jane Olga Herchenrider (living)  Uncle Muscoe was an officer in the United States Navy and a U.S. Naval Academy graduate.
               Muscoe Minor Gibson III and Renee Adel Serend live in Glastonbury, CT. Their only child, Scott Muscoe Gibson 1981, is a singer/songwriter living in New York City.
               Deborah Jane Gibson and Jimmy Edward Brown live in New Castle, DE.  Jimmy has three children from a previous marriage:  Luke, Joseph and Elizabeth Brown.
               Donna Jeanne Gibson and Tim Player  live in Westfield, NJ.  Children are: David 1997, and Nichole 2002.

    Thomas Cushman Gibson 7/8/1925-12/9/97 m. Sarah Jane Knowlton d. 2009.  A machine tool engineer, Dad worked for his father in law at Wiedemann Machine Tools in King of Prussia, PA.
Thomas Knowlton Gibson is recently divorced and lives in York, PA  Children are Madison James Smith (CPM)1984, Christopher Thomas Gibson 1990, and Jonathan Knowlton Gibson 1993.
              Philip Cooke Gibson, and Elizabeth live in Providence, RI.  Phil,  thrice married with many stepchildren and grandchildren, never had any children of his own.

              David Cushman Gibson never married and died young from an overdose of prescribed antibiotics.  His heart wrenching story featured on national television, resulted in thousands of lives saved.             
              Andrea Whitton Gibson and her husband Patrick Cougevan live in Mandeville, LA.  She was widowed and raised three teenage daughters from Dr. Gerald Summer's two previous marriages. 
    Nancy Winn Gibson (Living) b.2/4/1932-       m. Robert Bancroft Whitehouse d. 1981.  Uncle Bob lived and died in Mexico, and was a brother in law and a first cousin to Sarah Jane Knowlton.
                              Bob's brother,  Dad's brother in law & Mom's cousin Jock Whitehouse, a former Camp Shohola counselor and an award winning, "best seller" author and writer, is living in Mexico.
              Rev. Dr. Thomas Bancroft Whitehouse and Angelina Almaguer live in Edinburg, TX. Their children are: Matthew Robert 1981, Nathan John 1985, Brian Jessie 1987, Jason Nathaniel 1989, 
Kevin Ian 1990, David Sean 1992, Michael Shane 1994, Amy Janelle 1996, and Lisanne Yvonne 1999.
              Susan Raebuck Whitehouse and Glen Pierce Dudley live in Hatboro, PA. Their children are: Jennifer Winn 1984, Alisha Mae 1986 with a child of her own, and Jonathan Pierce Dudley 1988.
              David Whitton Whitehouse and Ana L. Gordillo live in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.  Their children are: Matthew Stevens born in 1990, and Robert Raymond born in 1996.

Thomas Cushman Gibson 7/8/25-12/9/97 Third son of J.Whitton, raised in Norristown, a Machine Tool Engineer, he designed aircraft carrier elevator lifting gears and tools.
   m. Sarah Jane Knowlton 9/1/1926 - 9/7/2009  Mom was a direct descendant of Geoffrey Chaucer and the family of Revolutionary War Colonel Thomas Knowlton.
          Daughter of Letha Pearl Metzger 1/8/99 - 10/7/79 and Frank Watson Knowlton. Raised in Norristown, PA by stepfather Theodore Andreas Wiedemann, 7/18/08 - 12/7/80.
                My parents Thomas C. Gibson, (SAR member) and Sarah J. Knowlton, (DAR member) were multiple cousins (at least 17 times within 10 generations), both with significant colonial ancestry.
                They both descended from Thomas Clark an ancestor of George Wythe
John Baker an ancestor of  John Trumbull, John Hutchinson and Sarah Putnam, William HurtJohn Harrington,
                Samuel Treat, Matthew Whipple
Caleb Gates through the Forbes and Kennedy families, and finally through Mayflower passenger Richard Warren, Stephen Hopkins and Francis Cooke.
      Dad was a 1st Lt. in the US Marine Corp during WWII.   There are many instances of  pedigree collapsehomogamy, endogamy and  consanguinity throughout our Gibson and Knowlton family trees.
      While working for my grandfather at Wiedemann Machine Tool Co.,  in King of Prussia, dad was a member of the team that designed the Wiedematic automatic punch press, with 1000's still in use.
My mother and father, obviously with the help of their parents, had a penchant for large historic old homes.   Listed here are some of the 17 homes we live in from 1948 until 1968.  
We lived:
        The original fieldstone center part of our home was constructed about 1711 by Robert Darrah, one of the founders of Hartsville, Pennsylvania.
Located across the street from the Neshaminy Church, between the church and the encampment, our home at 1250 Bristol Road figured prominently
in the American Revolution, as the house and property were used as a residence for senior officers during the 13 days of the Neshaminy Encampment.
        Our large stone house was occupied by the Marquis de Lafayette and other senior officers during the encampment, with junior officers in tents outside.
        Since the Molan house was almost a mile from the encampment and our home was in the middle of the encampment, General Washington would usually take meals, 
        rest and have private meetings at our home, only returning to the relative peace and quiet of his "Headquarters" at the Molan house in the evening.
  According to Darrah family records, the Hopkinson Stars and Stripes was officially displayed for the first time at our home and then carried to Brandywine Creek.
        George Washington visited Lafayette, rested and took dinner at our house called Neshaminy Glen Farms, many times in August of 1777,  while supervising
  court martial being held at Neshaminy Church across the street.  Our family also walked across the street for services almost every Sunday many years later.
Robert Darrah's descendants said the children were usually sent over to the grand parents house so they wouldn't disturb either of the Generals
        while they were working or resting.  
Yes, "George Washington Slept Here," as well as the Marquis de La Fayette, and other senior officer,
and I have slept in the same room that our first president slept in,  although it was almost 200 years later.   Please don't skip this interesting story.

  Thomas Knowlton b.1948                  Tom, living in York, PA for more than 40 years, thoroughly enjoys genealogy research, and is unaware of any family members reading these pages.
  Philip Cooke           b.1950                  Philip, a patent holder, living in Providence, RI, is unaware that the state was founded by our ancestors and has no idea of the origin of his middle name.
  David Cushman       b.11/20/52-2/5/87 David died young from an overdose of  prescribed antibiotic.   With superb assistance from New Jersey State Senator and Governor Richard Codey,
his heart wrenching story featured on national television,  initiated sweeping reforms in NJ  state hospitals, resulting in thousands of lives saved.
  Andrea Whitton       b.1956                        Andi, living in Mandeville, LA,  is unaware the city is named for one of her ancestors or that nearby Tulane University was founded by Randall Lee Gibson.
 The Thomas Gibson Family of York, PALook for some clues recorded on .mp3 audio files sent in Morse code at low volume.  Which pages would you look for to fine a secret message?
Thomas Knowlton Gibson b.1948 Eldest son of Thomas Cushman Gibson is a Husband and Father
     SAR #174507                                        
Museum Curator, Radio EngineerCollege Administrator, and 
             Lady Godiva                             
Professor, Summer Camp Director, and former Boy Scout Leader.
  m. Cathy Ann Smith   b.1960 -               Divorced November, 1999.
   Christopher Thomas Gibson b.1990-  York College Student,  Webelos Scout Award with Arrow of Light Award
   Jonathan Knowlton Gibson   b.1993-  High School Student,  Webelos Scout Award with Arrow of Light Award
  m. Kelly Beth Shealer b.1959 in Jun.2000 Wife and Mother, Registered Graduate Pediatric Nurse, Wellspan Inc.
There are four additional children from spouses previous marriages: Derek, Kyle, Madison, and Jared.
Other clues are embedded in .jpg pictures, again using the Morse code, on sequential pixels in the photograph.
  Many early Gibson branches were severely trimmed in 1349 due to the Bubonic Plague, resulting in most 
  living Gibson's in the world being descended from Lord Thomas Gibson of Goldingstones, obviously
  those who were adopted or changed their surname.  Mathematically, there are well over ten million descendants of Lord Thomas Gibson in the world today.
  Many Gibsons in the United States, especially the New England area, are descended from immigrant John Gibson, a 1632 founder of Cambridge, Mass.
  Others descend from one of the seven George Gibsons, with many immigrating to the south and then westward, especially to Kentucky, Indiana and Texas.
  Henry C. Gibson of Maybrook, was one of
the richest men in Philadelphia (wine and spirits, banking, insurance, railroading), and a patron of the arts.
  Luthier, Orville H. Gibson founder of the Gibson Guitar Company, and namesake of the world famous Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, and
  George Gibson, founder of  The Gibson Art and Gibson Greeting Companies descended from George Gibson, son of John III of Philadelphia.
  More than 250 Gibsons have served our country in the political arena with most listed on the Political Graveyard.  Many are closely related.
  Famous TV Gibsons are ABC Evening New anchor Charles "Charlie" Gibson, Fox News reporter John Gibson and CBS Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson.
  Professional Gibson recording artists are: gospel singer Jonathan Gibson, minimalist musician Jon Gibson, and my first cousin, singer/songwriter Scott Gibson
  We have two  NASA Astronauts, U.S. Navy Captain, Commander Robert Lee "Hoot" Gibson, and Skylab 4 Astronaut and engineer, Edward George Gibson.
  Thomas Gibson Walton, father of American businessman and entrepreneur Sam Walton, descended from Moses Gibson and Elsie Janney, through their son Thomas.
  In the United Kingdom, 
Baron Richard Patrick Tallentyre Gibson (1916-2004), was a British businessman in the publishing industry, and later arts administrator.
  In the United States, Thomas K. Gibson is a college professor, public speaker, museum curator, summer camp director, radio station manager and chief engineer, and father.
        Tom also worked as a professional: actor, radio announcer, inventor, writer, circus worker, boy scout commissioner, cryptanalyst, and high speed code specialist.
  Dorothy Gibsonand the grandfather of our talented cousin,  singer, songwriter and actress Deborah Ann "Debbie" Gibson were adopted, and are not blood related.
  Henry Gibson is the stage name of famous comedian, actor and songwriter Henry Gibson Bateman.  Although he is descended from our ancestors, he is not actually a Gibson.
  General Randall Lee Gibson, of the Confederate States of America Army, and a founder of Tulane University, served as a United States Senator.and Representative.
       Most African-American Gibsons, some blood related, are descended from slaves of the many Gibson family plantations, especially notable is Gideon Gibson.
       Descendants of  Moses Gibson and Elsie Janney married descendants of "Roanoke" who intermarried with Native Americans, resulting in the Gibson name listed as Melungeon.
  One of the worst railroad accidents in the history occurred in Gibson, NY on July 4th, 1912.  Another railroad tragedy recorded by Thomas Gibson, occurred in Shohola, PA on July 15, 1864.
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  Many of our family ancestors were instrumental in the drafting, signing or approving of significant historical documents in the founding of our country, including:
Magna Carta in (1215); First, Second, & Third Virginia ChartersMayflower Compact (1620); Charter of Massachusetts Bay (1629);  Pennsylvania
  Charter of Privileges (1696); Resolutions of the Stamp Act (Oct. 19, 1765); Declaration of Arms (July 6, 1775); Virginia Declaration of Rights (June 12, 1776);
  Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776); Articles of Confederation (Nov. 15, 1777) in York, PA; and finally the Constitution of the United States (1787).

Our extensive family tree is available on, with more than 200,000 entries in 92,000 families. Here is a 14 generation ahnentafel.

If you have an account, or are willing to sign up for a free one, you are invited to view our complete family tree.
It is one of the largest on the web, with more than 200,000 entries in 67,000 families, many going back more than 2000 years.

Including historical links to Royal Ancestors, we have identified more than 12 million ancestors, one of the largest recorded family trees.

The listing includes thousands of Royal and Noble ancestors, almost 5000 images, stories and descriptions, and thousands of citations.
Since a few of the older listing on (before 1500) are in error due to their "One World Tree" systematic approach, always verify your sources.

Our tree includes hundreds of links to King John, Roger Mortimer, Charlemagne, Charles Martel and all of their European noble families,  
resulting in thousands of links 
to British, French, Spanish and Continental RoyaltyMediterranean Emperors and Egyptian Pharaohs.

*Some of our Royal link are a result of genealogy research taken from manuscripts and books containing incorrect or intentionally fraudulent information 
creatively written by "genealogist" Gustav Anjou (1863-1942). 
His real name was Gustaf Ludvig Ljungberg, a Swedish immigrant to the U.S. in the 1890's.
When I find a line that is referenced to his work it is noted or removed, but unfortunately there are many branches that indirectly refer to his research.

Many of our ancestors are listed on the websites "The genealogy of 750,000 people connected to European Royalty", Cindi's List, DAR Patriot list,
Colonists with Royal Ancestry
, and two superb genealogical surveys of the peerage of European royal families, and The

Most of our gateway ancestors are fully approved, documented and cited, and can be referenced in many publications. 
Listed are known gateway ancestral families, or the earliest known colonial ancestor with links to relatives and additional information.

Most of our ancestors arrived during the early 1600's in Virginia, New England, New Amsterdamand the Philadelphia area.
Our family tree lists more than 2000 colonial ancestors with almost 200 from Plymouth first arrivals and the First Families of Virginia.

As founders of the colonies of Roanoke, NC in 1586, Martha's Vineyard, MA in 1602, Jamestown, VA and Popham, ME in 1607,  Hampton, VA, in 1610,
and thirty one Mayflower Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony in 1620, our ancestors were exceptionally significant and instrumental in the founding of our country.

With so many colonial gateway ancestors in our tree, it is usually quite simple to find a reasonably close family link to most Founding Fathers, U.S. Presidents or Revolutionary Leaders of our Nation.
None of our ancestors passed through Ellis Island as they all arrived before the facility was opened.  All sixteen of my great great grandparents and 60 of 64 4th great grandparents were U.S. citizens.
We had more than 1000 ancestors living in the colonies during the American Revolution with at least 35 serving as soldiers or patriots.   Twelve ancestors served as officers in the Continental Army.

The matrilineal branch of our tree through the Knowlton, Metzger, Swett, Mayhew, Norton, and Wyckoff families is also very noteworthy.

    The patrilineal branch of our Gibson family is directly descended from the listed notable and well researched colonial families.  
    We have identified almost 2000 
gateway ancestors with more than 50 descended from more than 5000 ancestors of *European Nobility.
 *Many lines are through King Edward III of England or his grandfather King Edward I,  and obviously their European Royal Ancestry through the Neville and Plantagenet trees.
        This is not a unique lineage, just about everyone living today with European ancestry can trace ancestry back to King John of England, with many of us descended from
Prince John of Gaunt.
    The earliest known colonial ancestor or immigrant is noted, with links to more than fifty lines of European Royalty.
    Many of our ancestors are fully approved, documented and cited, gateway ancestors.  The matrilineal half of this list is on the Knowlton page.
     You have probably found this page because you searched for ancestors listed on this page.  If you are of European descent and your ancestors arrived in
     Colonial America during the 17th century, statistically we are related within 12 generations.  We are all cousins and descend from Emperor Charlemagne.

Listing of notable or Colonial Gateway Ancestors of Thomas Cushman Gibson and his descendants.
Allerton, Isaac m. Mary Norrisemigrated on Mayflower to Plymouth Colony in 1620.  Mary died the first winter along with half of the passengers. 
Allerton, Mary b. 1616 d. 1699, daughter of Isaac and Mary, the last surviving Mayflower passenger, married Thomas Cushman.
*Appleton, Samuel m. 1656 Mary Oliver, their son Issac, b. 1664 d. 1747 who in 1695 married Priscilla Baker, the daughter of Thomas and Priscilla Baker.
   Samuel is a well documented ancestor of William James Cushman through Mary Whipple and Eunice Fairfield, with significant multiple Royal Ancestry.
Baker, Thomas b. 1636 d. 1718 m. Priscilla Symonds in 1672,
ancestors of both Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton.
*Bannister, John,  maternal grandfather of early PA Supreme Court Chief Justice John Bannister Gibson.
Augustine married MARY "Little Dove" Hyanno, daughter of Mary Noape and John Hyanno, Chief of the Narragansett and son of Ihyannough.
*Bidgood, Richard 1679-4/10/1760 m. 7/11/1707 to Sarah Ellet b. 1682 Daughter of William Ellet b. 1662 and Ann (?), ancestors of civil engineer Charles Ellet
Bohrer, John Peter, July 25, 1746-1798
Bower, Samuel, b. 1726 m. Mary Sutter 4/18/1790  
(Read volume 72 page 136)
Brewster, William 1566-1644, and Mary 1569-1627, Both emigrated on the Mayflower to the Plymouth Colony in November, 1620.
   Their Daughter's Patience and Fear, arrive on ship Anne in 1623.  There is no recorded evidence that grand daughter Rebecca married John Putnam.
    Interestingly, one of my mother's Mayflower ancestors, Richard More was raised in the household of  Elder Brewster, therefore one of my father's ancestors raised one of my mother's ancestors.
Clark, John married Mary Morton   John was an early Jamestown settler.
*Clark, Susanna, married Barnabas Lothrop, ancestors of William Cushman, she was a descendant of Albert I "The Pious", Count of Vermandois.
*Clark, Thomas married Rose Kerrich, ancestors of both Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton.
Clayton, Samuel m. *Elizabeth Pendleton in 1705.  The *Pendleton family descended from a significant line of European royalty.
Coleman, Robert m. Sarah Ann Saunders
Cooke, Francis 1582-1663 m. Hester Mahieu 1592-1675 (Francis was a Mayflower passenger, his wife and children arrived in 1623 on the Anne).
Cooke, Josiah married Elizabeth Ring, ancestors of both Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton.
*Cushman, James was a National Masonic leader with the titles of "Most Excellent Master" and "Grand Lecturer". He died while on tour for the Masons.
    An early major promoter of Cryptic Masonry, he was a leading member of the York Rite including the Shriners and Knights Templar.
    James was a direct descendant of King Edward III and European Royalty, and a close cousin to presidents Jackson, Coolidge and both Roosevelts.
    James Cushman was a direct descendant of the notable Putnam and Hutchinson families of Salem, MA, ancestors of General Israel Putnam,
    and also from Robert Cushman, Steven Hopkins, Isaac Allerton and Rev. John Robinson, four of the pilgrim founding fathers of  Plymouth.
Cushman, Thomas, 2/2/1603-12/10/1691 raised in the family of Governor William Bradford after his fathers death, he married Mary Allerton 1616-1699 in 1636.
    Emigrated at age 13 on the ship Fortune to Plymouth Colony in 1621, with his father Rev. Robert Cushman
1578-1625, one of  the Plymouth Colony founding fathers.
    Thomas Cushman was the seventh great grandfather of  both
Eleanor Roosevelt  and Theodore Roosevelt and closely related to seven other presidents including FDR.
    Not all of our ancestors were high standing members of the community.  I found three direct ancestors and five close relatives listed in the following early Plymouth Colony court records.
Cushman, Elkanah, 6/1/1651-9/4/1727, third son of Thomas and Mary,  m. 2/1676 to Martha Cooke, 3/16/1659-4/17/1722, daughter of Francis Cooke.
Dear, David 1830-1930, m. Deama Hughes 1830-1916. His son Thomas Dear 10/21/1863-5/10/1955 m. Eliza Ann Wood. [I was seven when my GGF Thomas Dear died.]
    They live at 111 Wood St. (named after her father) in Norristown, Penna.  He married Emma Root shortly after Eliza died but moved before the marriage because she would not live on Wood St.
    The six bedroom home is now a multi family dwelling.  The 1906 "prayer bench" (naughty seat) Thomas built for the children (obviously including my grandmother Nellie), remains on the third floor.
*Dudley, Thomas - Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony 1634, 1640, 1645, 1650. He married Dorothy Yorke in 1603 and Katherine Deighton in 1644.
*Dunham, Deacon John m. Abigail Barlow early Plymouth Colony members and ancestors of both Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton.
   Our Dunham family branch is well documented as one of seven to King Edward III of England and obviously his European Royal Ancestors through the Neville and Plantagenet family trees.
*Fairfield, William 1662-1742,  Early MBC colonist,  descended from King Robert I, "The Bruce", King of Scotland, through his grandfather William Skepper.
Faunce, Mary daughter of John Faunce and Patience Morton, married in 1649, Isaac Robinson son of Rev. John Robinson, (this marriage is recently questioned).
Franklin, Thomas, and Jane White.  We have 3 lines to the Franklin and White families of Boston.  Benjamin Franklin had 16 siblings and his father Josiah had 8.
Fuller, Edward
m. Mrs. Anne? Fuller, both emigrated on Mayflower to Plymouth Colony in November, 1620 and died the first winter.
    Son Matthew Fuller arrive in 1623 on ship Anne, raised with his younger brother Samuel by their uncle, Dr. Samuel Fuller and his wife.
    Ruth Fuller m. Peter Robinson, Great Grand Son of Pastor John Robinson.  Their daughter Ruth Robinson m. William Cushman.
*Gardiner, Eva C., a cousin of Lion Gardiner, the ancestor of one of the first families to settle New York and Connecticut.  The family owns the largest private island in the U.S.
*Gates, Caleb, married *Mary Forbesearly Connecticut settlers and multiple ancestors of Tom Gibson, Sally Knowlton, Bill Gates III and the Udall family.
*Gibson, Lord Thomas, 1223-1265, many of our Gibson ancestors are recorded above in the chronological listing, sub listings or links to a separate page.
*Gilbert, Otho married Elizabeth Hill, financier of early colonization, he sent his son Sir Humphrey Gilbert  and stepson Sir Walter Raleigh to America.
*Grenville, Richard, 1542-1591, son of Thomas, and founder of Roanoke Colony, he was a cousin of both Sir Walter Raleigh and Sir Francis Drake.
*Greenville, Thomas, married Isabella Gilbert, daughter of Otho Gilbert and Elizabeth Hill and grand daughter of William Gilbert and Isabel Gambon.
*Gosnold, Bartholomew, established three of the earliest English settlements on the North American Continent. with financial assistance from his father.
   He led the first European expedition to visit Cape Cod, on May 15, 1602 and is now recognized as "The Founding Father of Jamestown, Va".
   Bartholomew Gosnold, Captain of the Godspeed, is considered by the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities to be "The prime mover of the colonization of Virginia."
   He named Martha's Vineyard for his daughter and the Elizabeth Islands for the Queen.  His grave was recently discovered at the Jamestown Colony.
   Along with many others, Bartholomew died shortly after arriving in Virginia and the leadership of the colony passed to the arrogant and boastful Captain John Smith.
   John Smith rarely mentioned Captain Gosnold in his 1620's imaginative writings on the founding of Jamestown and claimed credit for the colony establishment himself.
   Specifically, his incredibly embellished stories of Pocahontas and his saving the colony of Jamestown from savages have been passed on as fact for more than 350 years.
*Gosnold, Lord Robert the principle financial  backers of the failed Roanoke Colonysent his cousin, Sir Walter Raleigh to establish the colony in 1586.
   Our Gosnold family branch is well documented as one of seven to King Edward III of England and obviously his European Royal Ancestors through the Neville and Plantagenet family trees.
*Harrison, James married Elizabeth Mott, James was a 2nd cousin to President William Henry Harrison and a 3rd cousin to President Benjamin Harrison.
    William Henry Harrison served as the first Governor of the Indiana Territory from 1800 to 1816 with his cousin John Gibson serving in his stead from July 4, 1800 to January 10, 1801.
      With Harrison's approval, General John Gibson named one of the first three counties in the territory, St. Clair County,  for their cousin,  Continental Army General Arthur St. Clair.
   Our Harrison family branch is well documented as one of seven to King Edward III of England and obviously his European Royal Ancestors through the Neville and Plantagenet family trees.
Headley, Joseph m. Hanna Palmer 8/13/1706, father of Joshua Headley b. 10/17/1726
Hopkins, Stephen, m. Elizabeth Fisher
, arrived on the Mayflower at Plymouth Colony in November, 1620, Early member of Jamestown 1609,  First Families of Virginia.
Hopkins, Damaris, m. Jacob Cooke, Daughter of Mayflower passengers Stephen and Elizabeth, she was a second daughter names Damaris, the first dying young.
*Howland, Henry married Anne Margaret Aires, ancestors of both Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton.
   Henry was an
ancestor of seven presidents including Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard NixonGerald Ford, and George W. Bush, as well as Sir Winston Churchill.
   Both of my parents are descended from his son, John Howland, my mother is also descended from his second son
Henry who married *Mary Newland.
Howland, John with his wife Elizabeth Tilley, and her parents John Tilley  and Joan Hurst, all arrived on the Mayflower in 1620.
   John and Elizabeth Howland and obviously John and Joan Tilley are also ancestors of my mother, Sarah Jane Knowlton.
Hurt, Isabella m. *Philip Pendleton in 1682.  The *Pendleton family (FFV) descended from a significant line of European royalty.
*Hutchinson, John b. May 1643 at Salem, MA. d. 2 Aug 1676 at Salem, MA, m. Jul 1672 to Sarah Putnam, 1674-1740, daughter of John Putnam.
       Ancestors of Lucy Hutchinson, the descendants of John Hutchinson were founders of the state of Rhode Island, escaping religious persecution in the Massachusetts
Bay Colonies.
     Charles, The Prince of Wales, and President Andrew Jackson are direct descendants of John and Sarah, and his notable father, Colonel John Hutchinson.      
A dark side of our family history, the Hutchinsons and Putnams were the accusers in the 1692 Salem Witchcraft Trials that resulted in the execution or imprisonment.
     of almost 200 member of the community
Well worth further investigation, it is one of the most tragic, emotional and significant events in American history.
Janney, Thomas m. *Margaret Heath, were early Philadelphia and Bucks County residents, and the grandparents of *Elsie Janney who married Moses Gibson.
     Elsie Janney's mother
*Elizabeth Stacy, was descended from an amazing line of English Royalty, including King Edward III and Roger Mortimer of Wigmore.
     The Janneys were devout quakers and very early settlers of Philadelphia, being invited by William Penn and William Gibson to help establish the settlement.
*Johnson, Elizabeth m. *Richard Tuttboth descended from early (FFV) Virginia colonists with significant European Royal ancestors.
*Jones, Elizabeth m. *Benjamin Shackelford descended from the well known southern colonial aristocratic families of Thomas Rolfe, Richard Henry Lee, and Roger Shackleford.
      Elizabeth was a second cousin to 5th U.S. President James Monroe through his mother, also named Elizabeth Jones.
*Keene, Matthew m. *Elizabeth Withers, both descended from early Virginia colonists with significant European Royal ancestors.
*Lee, Richard Henry Sr. the son of the Honorable Colonel Thomas Lee, and Hannah Harrison Ludwell and the great uncle of Robert E. Lee.
   This line is one of four family connections to the 
notable southern colonial (FFV) aristocratic Lee family of Stratford Hall Plantation,Virginia.
    Some of the *Royal links in the Lee family are a result of genealogy research taken from manuscripts and books containing incorrect or fraudulent information written by Gustav Anjou
Lettice, Thomas 1612-1681 m. Susanna Ring 1600-1631 daughter of William Ring and Mary Durrant.
*Lathrop, Rev. John b. 12/20/1584  m. Anna Howse, son Barnabas m. Susanna Clark,who descended from Lord Thomas Aston and European Royalty.
    Benedict Arnold, most of the Roosevelt family, Shirley Temple and many other famous Americans descended from Rev. John Lathrop.
     Some of the Royal links in the Lathrop family are a result of genealogy research taken from manuscripts and books containing incorrect or fraudulent information written by Gustav Anjou.
    Rev. John Lathrop and his second wife Ann Hammond are also ancestors of my mother, Sarah Jane Knowlton through their daughter Abigail.
*Livingston, John m. *Janet Fleming  We have three links to the Livingston family of Scotland, who settled in Amsterdam, N.Y. and New Jersey in the 1600's.
Continental Congress delegate and Declaration of Independence signer Philip Livingston was a grandson of John and Janet. He died and is buried in York, PA.
Lloyd, Samuel, m Margaret Dodd
Lyne, John, an early Virginia settler,  his daughter Anne married John Shackelford.
Manton, Experience m. Peter Robinson
son of Isaac Robinson and grandson of Rev. John Robinson and
*Bridget White.
Marshall, Edward m. Elizabeth WeiserHe was the only "walker" to complete the distance on the infamous Walking Purchase.
*Martin, John one of the principal founders and leaders of Jamestown, Virginia.  We are descended from or closely related to four of the six founders of Jamestown Colony.
Meylin, Martin m. Anne Rutgen, is credited as the inventor of the Pennsylvania Long Rifle, usually incorrectly identified as the Kentucky Long Rifle.
*Minor, Elizabeth married John Winn
*Morgan, Edward, we are descended from the Quaker Morgan family of Gwynedd Valley in Montgomery County and lived down the street on Swedesford Road.
*Morris, Robert m. Mary White,  We have three links to the Morris family & White families.  Robert was the first and only U.S. Superintendent of Finance.
*Mott, George married Elizabeth Mott, (2nd cousins)
*Muscoe, Salvatore m. Mary Lewis, both early Virginia settlers.
Norris, Mary wife of Isaac Allerton and mother of Mary Allerton, all 1620 Mayflower passengers.
O'Conner, Betsey or Elizabeth
Palmer, Hanna b. 3/23/1683 daughter of John Palmer 1655-6/11/1726 and Christiana Jones 1660-7/8/1740

*Pendleton, PhilipEmigrated in 1674, son of George, b. c1600. The *Pendleton family of (FFV)Virginia descended from a significant line of European royalty.
    John Pendleton Kennedy, U.S. Navy Secretary
and his brother, U.S. Senator Anthony Kennedy are descended from Philip, and the Cooke and Dunham families.
*Pettingall, Sir John, of Manchester.  His daughter Elizabeth married Philip Pendleton.
*Pettus, Sir John, of Norwich provided finances for his son Colonel Thomas Pettus and his wife Elizabeth Durrant, both early settler of Jamestown, VA.
*Putnam, John Jr. (b. ca 1627-4/7/1710) & Rebecca Prence d. 11/6/1704, their daughter Sarah 1674-1740 m. John Hutchinson.
      Revolutionary War General Israel Putnam 1718 - 1790 was a grandson of John Sr, nephew of John Jr, and 1st cousin to Sarah Putnam.

      There is no recorded
evidence that Rebecca Prence was the grand daughter of Governor William Brewsteras recorded for more than 300 years.
Ring, William married Mary Durrant, both early Plymouth Colony members and ancestors of both Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton.
Robinson, Rev. John 1575-1625 m. Bridget White, he was a leader and founding pastor of the Mayflower pilgrims, arriving on the Anne in 1623.
       His son Isaac, born 1610, was married twice, first to Margaret Handford and second to Mary (last name unknown), but was not Mary Faunce as recorded.
*Rolfe, Thomas m. Jane Poythress, was the only child of Pocahontas by her English husband John Rolfe. His only child, Jane Rolfe married Colonel Robert Bolling.
*Shackelford, John, as early settlers in King and Queen County in 1649, they were one of the first southern aristocratic (FFV) Virginia families.
Shenkmeyer, Mary Magdalene The only information I can find on Mary Shenkmeyer on the Wingerd family page.
Shurtleff, Susannah d. 7/27/1763 daughter of William and Susanna (Lathrop) Shurtleff
Shurtleff, William b. 6/16/1624, killed by lightning on 6/6/1666, he married Elizabeth Lettice 1636-10/31/1693, in 1645 and raised at least five children.
Sinkler, Captain William, married Susannah Garner, parents of Esther Sinkler who married Isaac Gibson, and a highly respected Virginia family.
   Captain Sinkler descended from the ancient and noble Scottish family of Baron Sinclair of Ravensheugh
Castle, and the Earls of Caithness.
*Skepper, William 1597-1650, early MBC colonists and significant Scottish Royal descent to King Robert I, "The Bruce", of Scotland.
*Skipper, Sarah 1639-1710 m. Walter Fairfield 1632-1723 son of John Fairfield  Sarah was a cousin of President Calvin Coolidge.
    Some of the Royal links in the Skipper family are a result of genealogy research taken from manuscripts and books containing incorrect or fraudulent information written by Gustav Anjou
    Sarah was a direct descendant of King Edward III of England, Charlemagne the first Holy Roman Emperor, and Attila the Hun.
Springsteen, Johannes Casperszen married Maria Johannes Theunis, early Dutch Long Island residents and ancestors of singer/songwriter Bruce Springsteen.
St. Clair, William was the grandfather of Continental Congress President and Continental Army General Arthur St. Clair.
*Stacy, Mahlon, 1638-1704, married Rebecca Ely, 1648-1711, settled in Nottingham, Burlington, New Jersey, parents of Elizabeth Stacy who married Abel Janney.
Sumner, Rodger b. 1576 m. Joan Franklin b. 2/13/1559, son William Sumner  m. Mary West, Daughter Mary m. Joseph Swinnerton father of Sarah
Sutter, Mary 1774-1850 Daughter of Daniel Sutter and Eve C. Gardiner. Daniel was an uncle of Johann Augustus Sutter founder of Sutter's Fort.
Swinnerton, Sarah m. Deacon Joseph Whipple 2/2/1702 - 1740
*Taylor, John, 1754-1824, a great uncle of President Zachary Taylor, was directly descended from famous Martyrs, Dr. Rowland Taylor and William Tyndale.
Thatcher, Elizabeth m. Samuel Fuller 10/31/1700
Thomas, Martha married Richard Whitton June 4, 1770.  She was the daughter of Abednego Thomas.  Any information on Martha Thomas would be appreciated.
Tilley, Elizabeth with her husband John Howland, and her parents John Tilley and Joan Hurst, all arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. (Three lines)
*Towneley, Lawrence, 1570 - 1665 married Mary Hartley, They are also ancestors of General George Washington and cousin of Colonel Thomas Hartley.
*Tutt, Richard  1680-1728 m. 5/26/1703 *Mary Underwood,  1687-1743 daughter of William Underwood and a descendant of European Royalty.
*Underwood, William married *Mary Moseley, a direct descendant of Sir William Gerard, Lord Chancellor of Ireland and his Royal ancestors.
   William and Mary were ancestors of both Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton.
*Whiton, Thomas, Great grandfather of Thomas who was father of Richard who married Martha Thomas, and GGF of Abednego T. Whitton m. Maria Bower.
All descended from
Mayflower passengers John Tilley, signed the Mayflower Compact, his wife Joan Hurst, and their daughter Elizabeth Tilley, who married John Howland who also signed the Compact.
Joseph Morris Bower Whitton SAR. was the founder and a significant land owner of Glenbrook, Connecticut and a long time officer of the Stamford Historical Society.
      Joseph was also the owner and manager of the original Niblo's Garden in New York City, and wrote and produced many of the plays performed at the famous venue.
*Whipple, Joseph 10/31/1666 - 1731 m. Sarah Hutchinson early MBC colonists.  Declaration of Independence signer, William Whipple was a descendant of Joseph.
     Joseph Whipple and Sarah Hutchinson are also ancestors of my mother,  Sarah Jane Knowlton.
Wingerd, Abraham 3/15/1768 - 1/1/1820  The Wingerd family was from southern Germany.
*Wingfield, Edward1560 – 1631  He was one of the financial backer, first president, and the principal founder of Jamestown, Virginia.
*Winn, John 1553-1626 son of Owen Wynne descendants of  Sir Thomas Gerrard and Dulcia Asheton, a direct descendant of Owain I of Gwynedd, King of Wales.
*John Winthrop Governor of Massachusetts Bay Company.  Married Mary Forth, on 16 April 1605 and Thomasine Clopton, on 6 December 1615.
*Withers, Betsy d. 1825 m. Minor Winn 10/17/1765 Betsy is descended from many well known gateway ancestral families with documented Royal ancestry.
           [There are many instances of  homogamy, endogamy and  consanguinity throughout our family trees,  not an uncommon occurrence in large "Old Money" families of European descent.]  

Our branch of the Gibson family is fully approved for membership in the following organizations:

Mayflower Society - Thirty one direct lineal ancestors arrived on the Mayflower at Plymouth Colony, Mass., in November of 1620. (twenty approved)
Allerton, Isaac m. Norris, Mary with daughter Mary
Hopkins, Stephen, mFisher, Elizabeth,  with daughter Constance: Cooke Francis, Fuller, Matthew m. Ann ? with son Samuel:
John Tilley
m. Joan Hurst, with daughter Elizabeth Tilley m. John Howland, William and Mary Brewster.

Jamestown Society and the First Families of Virginia (17 ancestors listed
     Most are descended from the Gibson, Lee, Carter, Gilbert, Pendleton, Shackelford, Rolfe, Bolling, Harrison, Hopkins, Ludwell, Minor and Winn families.

Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution (41 DAR approved direct blood patriot ancestors), with more than 100 close relatives.
THOMAS Wagoneer WithersMINOR Jr. Lieutenant WinnMINOR WinnWILLIAM Lieutenant WilliamsonJOSEPH Capt. Dr. WhippleBENJAMIN Quartermaster Tutt,
DANIEL Private SutterJOHN George ShoemakerBENJAMIN Captain ShackelfordPETER Ensign RuthNATHANIEL PendletonABRAHAM Sergeant Paulhamus
NOAH Corporal NortonPETER Private MarshallSAMUEL Captain KnowltonJOSEPH Sergeant KnowltonJEREMIAH Private KnowltonJESSE Ensign Holbrook
JOSHUA HeadleySAMUEL Private GrayJAMES Private GrayCALEB GraffamISAAC GibsonELIHUE Esq. GetchellTHOMAS I FergusonPHILLIP Ellis
EDWARD Private Carter
AMOS Sergeant BrownCHRISTIAN Private BrickerJOHN Peter Bohrer,  All are listed here if you don't have access.

Sons and Daughters of the War of 1812 (9 ancestors)

Sons and Daughters of the US Civil War (both north and south with 5 ancestors listed).

National Society of  the Sons and Daughters of Founders & Patriots
(Three Lines Approved) (Twelve lines recorded)

Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims
Thirty lines (Twelve Lines Approved) Only descendants of James Cushman and Mary Whipple can make this claim. 
As my grandfather was the only child of Amy Butler Whitton with children, 
and I am the only child of Thomas Cushman Gibson and Sarah Jane Knowlton with biological children, 
there are very few of us remaining with more than 20 lines.

Pilgrim Society - We have a significant family relationship with many past and present members.

Daughters of American Colonist National Homepage
Philip Livingston Chapter of DAC
(Seventeen Lines Approved) (at least twenty three lines recorded)

ORDER OF DESCENDANTS OF COLONIAL GOVERNORS (Seven lines approved and twelve recorded)

We are related to every American President within 12 generations, at least 27 American Presidents within 10 generations and seven presidents within 8 generations.  
Being related to every president is not unique, all presidents except Martin Van Buren, are descended from King John of England along with more than 50 million Americans.
Obviously being related to a president or descent from Mayflower Pilgrims or Royalty is not  uncommon in
colonial families of European descent dating from the 17th century.
What is uncommon is having almost 1000  well documented 17th century gateway ancestors in one family.  "We are all cousins."

Our family is also descended from or related to at least 18 signers of the United States Declaration of Independence, and more than sixty soldiers and thirty officers of the Continental Militia.

The National Huguenot Society maintains on its website an "open listing" of persons who have been documented,
to the satisfaction of The National Huguenot Society, to have been Huguenots, i.e., French Protestants living between 1520 and 1787.
Several of our ancestors are included in this list of Huguenots, especially Pieter Monfoort (number 4046).

General Society, Sons of the Revolution, Lancaster, PA Chapter,  Our Gibson ancestors were founders of Lancaster and founded the chapter.

The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) publishes a Patriot Index, a list of persons whose honorable service in the cause
of independence during the American Revolution renders their female descendants eligible for membership in the NSDAR.
More than 30 of our ancestors appear in the Patriot Index and my mother was a full member.  Both grandmothers and three great grandmothers were full members.
While I am not eligible for membership in the NSDAR (by not being female), I am a full member in the equivalent organization for men, NSSAR,
the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.  My father, both grandfathers, three great grandfathers and six gg grandfathers were full members.
I am an officer and full member of the Continental Congress Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society, Sons of the American Revolution, PASSAR, a division of the NSSAR.

Gibson Family Genealogy Notes

Originally written in 1867 by the Rev. Minor Winn Gibson Esq. and updated 1898 by the Rev. Dr. John Shackelford Gibson.

  Both John and his grandfather Minor  were well aware of our exceptional family history, but were quite modest when recording the position or accomplishments of our many notable ancestors.
  The family tree,
printed in 1892 and examined by many of my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, lists hundreds of notable ancestors by name only.  No one in the immediate family recognized any of the names.

With boxed family memorabilia being passed on and rarely examined, I am absolutely certain my uncle Muscoe had no idea of our Mayflower connections or our exceptional lines of Royal Ancestry.        
Unfortunately my parents and grandparents stored our family archives in basements or damp areas of  their homes, and many publications, papers and heirlooms are foxed or exhibiting similar damage.
If my father or brothers would have investigated
names listed in the family Bibles or on old ancestral charts, they would have easily discerned the origin of their middle name, (Cooke and Cushman).      
According to my mother, the middle names of my brothers and sister were selected from recent ancestors of our tree because my parents "just liked the name, or the name had a nice sound to it".            

1.    Rev. Minor Winn GIBSON m. Elizabeth Pendleton SHACKELFORD

Minor Winn Gibson was born 7 Apr 1797 in Hillsborough, Virginia. He died in 1877 in Lonaconing, Allegheny Co, Maryland. 
The1820 census shows Minor and Elizabeth as newlyweds living in Berryville, Frederick Co, VA. In 1830, they are living in Culpeper Co VA with five children. 
By 1840, they are in Rappahannock Co with a household of 3 adults and 10 children.  
In 1860, they are living in Washington DC with Minor age 63, Elizabeth age 60, Moses age 23, James age 21 and Lucy age 39.  
In 1870, the family is in Lonaconing,Allegheny Co., MD (p. 456A): Minor is listed as retired minister at age73, Elizabeth is age 70, 
Lucy is teaching school at age 49 , James is a store clerk at age 31, and a 60 y.o. minister named A. Rankin is living with them at that time. 
There are many references to Minor Winn Gibson writing genealogical articles in the Richmond Times about the Gibson, Winn, Withers, Pendleton and Shackelford family histories.
He married Elizabeth Pendleton Shackelford (b 14 Jun 1800 Cleveland,Culpeper Co, VA; died 8 Feb 1874 in Lonaconing) on16 Jun 1819.
The mother of Elizabeth is Lucy Pendleton Tutt who descended from many exceptionally notable early colonial families from Virginia.


1. Lucy Withers Gibson (b 1821)  employed as school teacher, never married.  In 1860, age 39 living with parents in Washington DC. 
In 1870, age 49 living with parents, teaching school in Lonaconing MD.

2. Mary Ellen Gibson (b 1823) Married Dr. James Madison Porter of Frostburg, MD. 
Two children: Thomas Glissan Porter (b ~1849, lived in Frostburg) and Lucy Porter Teddy (b ~1852, lived in Piedmont). 
Mary died young and Dr Porter remarried twice before he died in 1890.

3. Martha Irene Gibson (b 1826)  Never married and died young.

4. Isaac Tutt Gibson (b 30 Jan 1828) in Rappahannock Co,VA) see above.

5. Alcinda Esther Gibson (b 1830) Married Dr. G.E. (Ellis) Porter of Frostburg, MD in 1853. Lived in Lonaconing. 
Had nine children, 6 of whom were deceased in 1889 when Dr. Porter died. 
Alcinda filed for widow's veterans benefits in 1890 in Lonaconing (dist 18).

6. John St. Pierre Gibson (b 1832) Became a doctor and married Mary Wallace of Augusta, GA.

7. Minor Pendleton Gibson (b 1835)  Died young

8. Moses Winn Gibson (b 1837) In 1860 at age 23, he was living with parents in Washington DC.

9. James Green Gibson (b 1839) In 1860 at age 21, he was  living with his parents in Washington D.C. 
                                                             In 1870 at age 31, he was working as a store clerk in Lonaconing,  MD living with his parents.

        2.     Rev. Isaac GIBSON m. Annie Sophia WINGERD
             Rev. Issac GIBSON was relatively unique in NOT marrying a spouse of English descent.  The Wingerd, Bohrer and Schenkmayer families were all from Germany.

Rev. Isaac Gibson was born on 30 Jan 1828 at Bowling Green, Flint Hill in Rappahanock Co., VA. He died 12 Jun 1906 in Norristown, Montgomery Co, PA.
At age 22 he began his career in ministry, first with the Methodist Church and then later with the Episcopal Church. 
The 1860 census shows the family in Sheperdstown, Jefferson Co., VA: Isaac age 32, minister, Annie age 28, John age 6, Ethel age 4, Muscoe age 1, 
and also Annie's younger siblings Margaret age 19 and George age 15)

He served as minister for churches in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. He served as rector of the Old Fork Church in Hanover Co, VA. Other church jobs included the following--1866: Asst Rector of Zion Church in Charlestown, WV.1866-1868: Rector of St. Martin's Parish, VA. 1868-70: Danville, KY;1870-71: Calvary Church, Louisville, KY; 1871-72: Trinity Church in Covington, KY then to St. John's in Norristown from 1872 until his death in 1906; he was made Rector Emeritus there in 1898. He is listed in the Norristown City Directory 1888-1893, residing at 27 E. Airy and also 
17 E. Elm St in Norristown, PA. The Southern Churchman said in his obituary that he"was the author of several works on the Higher Criticism, the latest,"Reasons for the Higher Criticism" being well-known." Author: Leading Higher Critics on the Origin of the Levitical Law, 1894; The Pentateuch and Joshua, 1895; Reasons for the Higher Criticisms of the Hexateuch, 1897.  

There is a stained glass window in the sanctuary dedicated to Rev.  Isaac Gibson.  Explore the St. John's Church web pages for more information and images.

Married Annie Sophia Wingerd  in 1853.


1. John Shackelford Gibson (b 22 Dec 1853) in Port Tobacco, Charles Co, MD. 

2. Ethel Wingerd Gibson (b 4 Feb 1856).  In 1930 census, Ethel and Delia are residing together unmarried (ages 63 and 57) in Norristown, PA.  Ethel's occupation listed as  commercial retail dry goods.

3. Muscoe Minor Gibson (b 6 Feb 1859) in Blacksburg, VA.  Lawyer in Norristown, PA.  Married Amy Bower Whitton. In 1930, he is listed in the census as a lawyer, age 60, living with his son, Joseph Whitton, age 20, and a servant.

"The law firm which was for many years Larzelere & Gibson, Mr. Larzelere's partner being Muscoe M. Gibson, son of Rev. Isaac Gibson, has within a few years been enlarged further by the addition of Gilbert R. Fox, also of Norristown, the firm name being Larzelere, Gibson & Fox, in which working shape it is prepared to take up any and all legal business that is presented, and carry it to a successful issue. From: "Ellwood Roberts' Biographical Annals,1904: Montgomery Co, PA Vol I - Part 1: pp. 1-19."

"MUSCOE M. GIBSON, son of the Rev. Isaac Gibson, was born at Blacksburg, Virginia on February 6, 1859. He acquired his education at the Norristown High School, at the Treemount Seminary, under Professor John W. Loch, and at Lafayette College, where he was graduated in 1880. He studied law in the office of Benjamin E. Chain,Esq., was admitted to the bar of Montgomery County in June, 1883, and then located in business in Norristown, where he is now in practice,"from: "History: Local: Chapter XXXVI : The Bench and Bar - Part II :Bean's 1884 History of Montgomery Co, PA"

4. Delia Pendleton Gibson (b 23 Nov 1862) is listed on the 1930 census as living with her sister Ethel in Norristown and unmarried.   Her occupation is listed as a music teacher. 

3.     Rev. John Shackleford GIBSON m. Ilicia Wheeler DAVIS

Rev. John Shackelford Gibson was born on 22 Dec 1853 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co, VA. He died on 4 Dec 1912 in Virginia.  He was educated at Hanover Academy in Hanover Co VA.   He also attended school at the Central University in Lexington, KY and the University of Cincinnati. He attended Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, Virginia from 1872-1875. His first assignment was as a missionary to the Diocese of Kentucky 1875-1879. He was then an assistant pastor at St. Michael's Church in Trenton, NJ from 1879-80,missionary in southern Ohio from 1880-1882, pastor of Nelson parish in West Virginia from 1882-1890, pastor of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg, VA from 1890-92. He took over as the minister of Trinity Episcopal Church in Huntington WV from 1892-1912.He had just accepted a new ministry position back in Virginia at Christ Church in Gordonsville when he died of a heart attack. He was buried in Trenton, NJ. At the time of his death, the Southern Churchman publication said of him that he was "a devout Churchman and a scholarly preacher.; noted especially, for his missionary zeal..."

Married Ilicia Wheeler Davis on 12 Jan 1881 in Trenton, NJ.


1. Frances Bodine Gibson (b 5 Nov 1881) 

2. Rev. James Davis Gibson (b Oct 1883) James Davis became a clergyman like his father and grandfather. He worked as rector in the same church as his grandfather (Trinity Church in Covington, KY), and married Mary Leadbetter.  In 1930, the family is listed in Fort Mitchell, Kenton Co KY: James was working as an Episcopal clergyman and living with his wife Mary and their children John Gibson age 19,Janet Gibson age 17, James Gibson age16, Douglas Gibson age 11 and Philip Gibson age 8. Rev James died on 5 Mar 1932 in Covington KY.

3. Anna Gibson (b Sep 1885)  Anna married Dr. John Mitchell Willis,  a Colonel in the US Army Medical Corp,  stationed in Fort Snelling, MN and other bases.  In 1930,  Ann and her husband were living on the Ft. Leavenworth Base in Kansas, with their son John Willis Jr , age 14, who was born on a military base on the Philippine Islands where he was stationed.   Dr. Willis was the grandson of  Lucy Taliaferro Madison, a first cousin to President James Madison.

4. Dr. John Shackelford Gibson Jr. (b Jan 1887), John Shackelford Jr. attended the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, became a Major in Medical Corp, US Army, and married Patty Braxton. In 1930 John is listed as a Surgeon at the "Government Hospital" in Washington DC. He is living with wife Patty and a daughter Eleanor Gibson and has a profound interest in Gibson genealogy like his father.

5. Philip Pendleton Gibson Esq.  (b Jun 1890). Became a prominent lawyer in Huntington, WV. One source mentions him as "of Washington & Lee University in Lexington".  He married Morrell Sanford. In 1930, Philip and Morrell are listed in Huntington, Cabell Co. WV.

The following are excerpts of a letter from a noted professional genealogist who questioned our incredible family history and pedigree:

"After spending several “fun” evenings on the Gibson ancestry, I am happy to report verified multiple Royal or noble lines of descent 
through the
Gibson, Knowlton, Swett, Whitton, Whipple, Tutt,  Metzger, Mayhew, Norton, Cushman, Hutchinson, Putnam, Shackelford and Pendleton family lines."

"Tom's ancestry is unique in his direct multiple descent from founders of all of the principle early English colonization attempts of our country."

"His family is the only one that I know of that is closely related to the families of all four presidents with images carved on Mount Rushmore."
"Unlike many of us who are related to most U.S. presidents by King John of England, Tom is related to every president of the United States within 12 generations."
"Tom is related to most of our founding fathers, many Continental Congress delegates and the first seven American presidents within 5 generations."
"He is exceptionally unique in his descent from three separate 16th century Native American Families from Virginia, Pennsylvania and New England."

"Tom's ancestors are descended, via New England immigrants to the Philadelphia area, Susquehanna Valley in Pennsylvania, and northern Virginia, 
from a plethora of Mayflower passengers, New England colonial ancestors and founders of Jamestown, Virginia. . .
I suspect Tom and his children have more documented Mayflower blood ancestors than anyone else on the face of the earth."

"He is descended from most of the Mayflower Pilgrims and has well documented colonial descent from more than 52 Revolutionary War soldiers".

"Tom is a ninth cousin to both HRH Prince Charles of Wales, and Diana, the former Princess of Wales.
Obviously, his sons, Chris and Jon Gibson are double cousins to
Princes William and Harry.  
Tom is also a multiple 9th cousin to both George and Laura Bush."

Update: President Barack ObamaGeorge Bush, and Thomas K. Gibson are all direct descendants of Samuel Hinckley and Sarah Soole.
Thomas Knowlton Gibson is actually an eighth great uncle to the President of the United States and a ninth cousin to the former president.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin also descends from Samuel and Sarah and shares at least seven other common ancestors to our family.

The letter to the Obama girls from the bush twins, Barbara and Jenna, is actually to their 9th cousins Malia and Sasha. (I wonder if they know it.)
Chris and Jon, the letter is also very relevant to both of you, it is well written and has a superb message that is meaningful and poignant.

Please note that these relationships are not unique to anyone of Scottish, English or European descent, tracing colonial ancestry to the 17th century.
In twelve generations you could easily have more than one thousand different ancestors unless there is significant consanguinity in your family tree.
The chances of some of them being descended from Royalty or a Mayflower Passenger is actually quite probable, (1 in 5 or 20%).
We are directly descended from thousands of 
Emperors, Pharaohs, Kings & Queens, Princes, DukesMarquesses, EarlsCounts, Viscounts and Barons.

Thomas Knowlton Gibson and his descendants, are members of or are eligible for full membership
in the following Military, Genealogy and Hereditary Societies.

Presidential Families of America
First Families of America
America's First Families
First Families of Virginia

Established Families in America
National Society of the Sons of Colonial New England
National Society of Sons of American Colonists
National Society of Old Plymouth Colony Descendants
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States
Descendants of the Knights of Bath
Descendants of British Royal Families
Military Order Of The Crusades
Hereditary Society Blue Book
Hereditary Order of Descendants of Colonial Governors
Holland Society of New York   We are directly descended from five early founders of New Netherlands.
Order of the Crown in America
Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America
Baronial Order of the Magna Carta
General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD)

Society of Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims

Society of the Cincinnati  We are directly descended from twelve officers of the American Revolution and closely related to fourteen more.
Society of Americans with Multiple Mayflower Ancestors (Life Member) (SAMMA Founding Member)

Society of Descendants of Founders of Jamestown Colony
Society of Descendants of Founders of Plymouth Colony

Society of Descendants of Founders of Popham Colony
Society of Descendants of Founders of Roanoke Colony

Society of Descendants of Founders of Martha's Vineyard Island
Society of Descendants of Early American Quakers
Society of Descendants of Colonial Clergy
General Society of Colonial Wars

Order Of Descendants of Colonial Physicians and Chirurgiens

Order Of  Descendants Of Colonial Governors

FOUNDERS & PATRIOTS There are three approved lines to Revolutionary Patriots with Colonial Ancestors arriving before 1657. Knowlton, Whitton and Swett.
SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THE PILGRIMS (S&D PILGRIMS) 31 separate lines to Mayflower ancestors.
Sons and Daughters of Early American Witches  At least three, with 5th great grandmother Rebecca Gibson being the closest relationship.
Bloodlines of Salem We have many significant connections to early witchcraft in Salem, Mass.
Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution (SAR Member) Dad was an SAR member, Mom was an active DAR member.
Children of the American Revolution  Members of our family under the age of 22 are eligible for membership.
Sons and Daughters of the War of 1812
Sons of the US Civil War (North and South)

Order of the Founders and Patriots of America
Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry

New England Society of New York

General Society of Colonial Wars
Flagon & Trencher: Descendants of Colonial Tavern Keepers
Welsh Society of Philadelphia
Order of DeMolay and Freemasons especially the Cryptic RiteYork Rite and the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
     Many of our ancestors were significant in founding and promoting Masonry in the United States from the 1750's until the 1930's.
     The Cushman's were long time members and founders of the Cryptic Rite of the AASR with the Whitton's in the York Rite and AOUW.
     Tom's Grandfather, Great grandfather, 2nd Great grandfather, 3rd, Great grandfather and 4th Great grandfather were all active Masons.
IOOF    The Knowlton's were long standing active member of the IOOF.

Order of Indian Wars in the United States of America     (many ancestors with one being Native American)
General Society, Sons of the Revolution, (GSSR Member) (with 41 revolutionary ancestors). My father, grandfather and great grandfathers were members.
Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
(PASSAR Member) (with more than 50 patriot ancestors).
National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
(NSSAR Member) (with more than 50 patriot ancestors).
Descendants of Mexican War Veterans (2 GGG Grandfathers and 2 GGGG Grandfathers)
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (3 GG Grandfathers and 2 GGG Grandfathers)
Order of The First World War (Both Grandfathers, two uncles, and one G Grandfather)  (U. S. ARMY)
Order of The Second World War (My father was a Lt., in the U. S. Marines, mom's uncle was a Physician and Navy Admiral attached to the U.S. Marines).
Military Order of the World Wars (Father and Grandfathers)
Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States (Self)
Vietnam War Veterans (Self)
Veterans of Foreign Wars (Self) (The VFW),
(Public Speaker, Officer and committee member and Honored Life Member)
MICA, Military Intelligence Corps Association
(Self) (Life Member) MICA is the organization that maintains the Knowlton Award
Pilgrim Society - We have significant family relationships with many past and present members.  (Sorry, I can't tell you if  I am a member.)
American Legion (self)
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts
Winthrop Society

St. Andrew's Society of Philadelphia
Society of Descendants of Knights of the Garter
Order Of The Honorable Artillery Company Inc.
Royal Society of Saint George
Sons of the American Legion

Plantagenet Society, the International Society of the Descendants of Charlemagne, and many other hereditary and lineage organizations.

                  Your Name
You got it from your father, it was all he had to give. 
So it's yours to use and cherish, for as long as you may live. 
If you lose the watch he gave you, it can always be replaced. 
But a black mark on your name, can never be erased. 
It was clean the day you took it, and a worthy name to bear.
When he got it from his father, there was no dishonor there. 

So make sure you guard it wisely, after all is said and done.
You'll be glad the name is spotless, when you give it to your son.

Thomas K. Gibson is a member of  these organizations.

Boy Scouts of America, 25 years service, Scout Master, District Instructor, Unit Commissioner & York City District Commissioner. 
District Award of Merit.
Intercollegiate Broadcasting System
, 40 years service, Public Speaker, Director of Engineering and Senior Executive Vice President.  Hall of Fame Award.
WVYC Radio, 40 years service, Founder, Faculty Advisor, Instructor, Supervisor, Communication Advisory Board Member and Director of Engineering.
Shohola Museum of Communications and Technology, Founder, Public Speaker, Counselor, Director, Educator and Curator.
Society of Broadcast Engineers, SBE, 40 years service, former Officer, Educator and Committee Chair.  
Lifetime Achievement Award.
Associated Press & PAPBA, Tom is a 40 year member of the AP and a former officer & Awards Judge of the Pennsylvania AP Broadcast Association.
CMA College Media Association, formerly College Media Advisers, former officer, committee member, Awards Judge, Public Speaker and full member.
, Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, Member, former officer and Chapter Committee Chair.  
(My uncle Tom Metzger was also a long time member.)

Sons of the American Revolution, officer and full member. Tom descends from 52 Patriots including 12 officers and is a SAR War Service Medal Award Recipient.
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, 40 years, Deacon, Church Council Member, Lay Assisting Minister, Educator, Church Historian and Committee Chair.
York Amateur Radio Club, member since 1972, Past President/Vice President, Committee Chair, Instructor, Public Speaker and Director of Education. 

Camp Shohola Amateur Radio Club, 50 years member, Founder, President, FCC Liason, Instructor and Organizational Trustee.  Hall of Fame Award.
Camp Shohola Scholarship Foundation, Officer, Committee Chair and Honored member for more than fifty years of service.  
Lifetime Achievement Award.
Pennsylvania Industrial Heritage Society, 40 years, Current President, Public Speaker, Docent, Officer and member of the Board of Trustees. Hall of Fame Award.

Northern Central Chapter of the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society, full member, researcher and Public Speaker.

Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, PASSAR & SAR Full Member, Public Speaker, and Officer in the Continental Congress Chapter.
York County Heritage Trust, 40 years, Educator, Committee Member, Researcher, Docent, Exhibit Interpreter and Public Speaker.
 2011Volunteer of the Year Award.
South Central Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Full member, Committee member, Officer, Researcher and Public Speaker.
Naval Order of the United States, (Honored Life Member) Public Speaker, Officer and Committee Chair.

Veterans of Foreign Wars(Honored Life Member)  Public Speaker, Officer and Committee Chair. 1998 & 2009 Voice Of Democracy Award recipient.
Military Intelligence Corps Association
(Honored Life Member) and Public Speaker, MICA is the organization that maintains the Knowlton Award.
Society of Americans with Multiple Mayflower Ancestors,  President, Public Speaker, (Life Member) (SAMMA Founding Member). 
Hall of Fame Award.

Zeredatha Lodge #451,  Free and Accepted Masons in York, Pennsylvania,  Full Member, Public Speaker, and Educator.
Pi Delta Epsilon, National Honor Mass Communication Fraternity(Life Member), Chapter Charter Member, Public Speaker, Former Officer.

Tom was recently featured on a front page article in "Radio World" Magazine for his significant contributions to the broadcast industry.
He was also recently recognized for 50 years at Camp Shohola with a gold watch, rocking chair and the Camp Shohola Newspaper "Argus" dedication.
             A Google search should result in more than 500,000 results for Thomas Knowlton Gibson, I truly believe there are or were no others in the world.

With more than thirty direct Mayflower ancestors, at least twenty more by marriage, 
and more than fifty blood lines to the founders of the
Plymouth Plantation,
our immediate family is extremely unique in our multiple descent from the "first arrivals" of the Plymouth Colony.

If you have an account, or are willing to sign up for a free one, you are invited to view our complete family tree.
It is one of the largest on the web, with more than 200,000 entries in 92,000 families, many going back more than 2000 years.
The listing includes hundreds of Royal and noble ancestors, more than 4500 images, stories and descriptions, and thousands of citations.
A few of the older listing on (before 1500) might be in error due to their "One World Tree" systematic approach, always verify your sources.
With links to published Royal Ancestral Trees, we have identified more than 12 million blood ancestors in our Gibson and Knowlton family trees.

Please view our complete family tree on, with more than 200,000 entries in 92,000 families.  Here is a 14 generation Ahnentafel.
We have family trees posted on five other genealogy web sites including and Genes, all created from "One World Tree".
With hundreds of links to published royal family trees, we have identified more than 12 million ancestors, obviously one of the largest family trees on the web.

York College Professor Thomas K. GibsonClick here to view full image. Thomas K. Gibson is a professional public speaker. This presentation features General Arthur St. Clair and Colonel Thomas Knowlton.Thanks for reading and sharing our genealogy pages,     82574#
Our E-mail address is

Tom is a Professor at York College of Pennsylvania, Museum Curator
Telecommunications Manager,
Radio Engineer, Summer Camp Director,
IBS Corporate Vice President
, and founder of SAMMA,
the Society of Americans with Multiple Mayflower Ancestors.
He is a decorated Vietnam Veteran and life member of the VFW, 
Veterans of Foreign Wars, and has been active in scouting for more than 25 years.

Tom is a professional Lecturer and a long time member of the York College Speakers Bureau
His many talks include: Identifying The Myths of Plymouth Plantation, General Arthur St. Clair,
The Real Causes of the Salem Witch Trials
, Forgotten Founders of Colonial America, The First U.S. President,

Living in Colonial York, The Old York County Colonial Court House, The Articles of Confederation

The York County Witchcraft Trials, The Delaware and Hudson Canal and Gravity Railroads

From Drums to the Internet, A discussion of Human Communication, From Indian Trails to Super Highways, The Pennsylvania Rifle,

Bartholomew Gosnold, Founder of  Jamestown, Judge Edmund Pendleton, Father of Our Country,
Edward Marshall of the Walking Purchase, and Colonel Thomas Knowlton, the First American Spy.

Do you have more than ten, direct blood related, Mayflower ancestors?  
E-mail for information in joining SAMMA, the Society of Americans with Multiple Mayflower Ancestors.
If approved for membership, you will receive a handsome gold bordered certificate suitable for framing,
and optionally, having your name placed on a web page listing your total number of Mayflower ancestors.
Member will also receive periodic e-mail newsletters.


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