I have used many sources to compile this family. One source is "The Gibson and Related Families", by Linder; another source is a Gibson book by Sarah D. Gibson written about 100 years ago. There are some flaws in this genealogy, and they need to be worked out. I will explain those flaws here: >>Some Flaws<<

Descendants of John Gibson

Generation No. 1

John Gibson was born abt. 1663, in Pettinain, Of Grange, Lanark, Scotland.

According to "The Gibson and Related Families" by Linder, John Gibson "emigrated to America ( the Colonies ) in 1696 (?). One of his sons settled in Lancaster Co., PA, and is supposed to be the ancestor of Gen. John Gibson and his famous brother, George Gibson, captain of 'Gibson's Lambs', and Colonel of the Ninth Virginia Regiment during the Revolutionary War. This George was the father of Maj.-Gen George Gibson, Commissary-general U.S. Army for thirty years, and also father of the Hon. John Bannister Gibson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of PA."

According to the Gibson book, by Sarah D. Gibson, pg 12: "Robert and George Gibson, brothers, came from Stewartstown, in the province of Ulster, in the North of Ireland, to Pennsylvania before the year 1730. It is probable, that William Patrick, James, and John Gibson, who about the same time took up land, belonged to the same family." Most of this information comes from Sarah's book. Here is Sarah D. Gibson's Book.

-some children of John Gibson are:

Robert*, (abt 1700-1754), m. Mary McCellan.

George*,(abt. 1704-1761), m. Martha Deviney.

William*, (bef.1717-1771), m. Margaret Unknown.

Generation No. 2

Robert Gibson ( John ) was born abt 1700 in Stewartstown, Ulster, Ireland, and died 1754 in Derry Twp., Lancaster Co., PA. He married Mary McClellan 1721 in Ireland.

-their children are:

Robert*, (abt 1722-1756), m. Elizabeth Draper.

Andrew*, (abt 1724-1783), m. Elizabeth Carnes.

John, (abt 1726-1761).

Israel, (abt 1728-?).

Hugh*, (abt 1730-1836), m. Mary White.

Mary, (abt 1732-?).

George Gibson, ( John ) was born abt 1704 in Stewartstown, Ulster, Ireland, and died December 1761 in Lancaster Co., PA. He married Martha Devinez.

-their children are:

Ellen, (?-?), m. Charles Carroll.

Mary, (abt 1734-?), m. Matthias Clough.

Thomas*, (abt 1737-1784). m. Agnes Perry.

John*, (1740-1822), -he is Colonel John Gibson.

Francis, (abt 1742-?).

Jean, (abt 1745-?).

George*, (1747-1791), m. Ann West. -he is Colonel George Gibson.

Ann, (abt 1754-?), m. William Wilson.

William Gibson, ( John ) was born before 1717 in Stewartstown, Ireland. He died January 1771 in Newton Twp., Cumbeland Co., PA. He married Margaret Unknown. ( For more information on William Gibson, go here.)

-their children are:

Robert, b. bet. 1740-1747, Lancaster Co., PA.

John, b. bet. 1742-1749, Lancaster Co., PA.

William, b. bet. 1744-1751, Lancaster Co., PA.

Jannett, b. bet. 1746-1753.

Ann, b. bet. 1748-1755.

Charles, b. bet. 1750-1769, Cumberland Co., PA. This Charles Gibson may have lived from abt 1750-1803, married Esther Graham, and removed to Westmoreland Co., PA, by the time to be included in the 1790 Census.

George, b. bet. 1750-1769, Cumberland Co., PA.

Gideon, b. bet. 1750-1769, Cumberland Co., PA. This Gideon Gibson may have lived from 1764 to 1843, married Abigail C. Crawford, and removed to Armstrong Co., PA.

James, b. bet. 1750-1769, Cumberland Co., PA.

Samuel, b. bet. 1750-1769, Cumberland Co., PA. .

Unknown Child, b. 1771, Cumberland Co., PA.

Generation No. 3

Robert Gibson, ( Robert, John ) was born abt 1722 in Ulster, Ireland, and died May 1756. He married Elizabeth Draper.

-their children are:

Andrew, (abt 1744-?).

Robert, (abt 1746-?).

Jean, (abt 1748-?).

Martha, (abt 1750-?).

Ann, (abt 1752-?).

Andrew Gibson, ( Robert, John ) was born abt. 1724 in Ulster, Ireland, and died March 4, 1783 in Franklin Co., PA. He married Elizabeth Carnes.

-their children are:

Margaret, (abt 1750-?), m. James Parks.

Thomas, (abt 1752-?).

John*, (abt 1754-1828), m. Martha Parks.

Jean, (abt 1756-?), m. Daniel Long.

Elizabeth, (abt 1758-?), m. James Sterling.

Hugh Gibson, ( Robert, John ) was born abt 1730, and died July 30, 1836 in Crawford, PA. He married Mary White.

-their children are:








Thomas Gibson, ( George, John ) was born October 14, 1737 in Lancaster, PA, and died in 1784 in the Battle of Kings Mt. NC. He married Agnes Perry.

-their children are:

Thomas, (?-?), m. Mary P. Perry.

Samuel C.*, (1775-1864), m. Catherine Gratner.

Jane*, (1778-1869), m. James Browning.

John Gibson, ( George, John ) was born May 23, 1740 in Lancaster Co., PA. He was known as Colonel John Gibson, and was acting Governor of Indiana from 1811 to 1813. He died April 10, 1822 in Vincennes, Indiana.

George Gibson, ( George, John ) was born October 10, 1747. He married Ann West, a d/o Francis West. He was known as Colonel George Gibson, was wounded in St. Clair's defeat, and died December 11, 1791.

-their children are:

Ann, (?-?).

Francis W.*, (1774-1856), m. Fannie Greenwood.

John B.*, (1780-1853), m. Sarah W. Galbraith.

George, (1783-1861).

William C., (1784-?).

Generation No. 4

John Gibson ( Andrew, Robert, John ) was born abt 1754 in Antrim Twp., Franklin Co., PA, and died May 15, 1828 in Xenia, Greene Co., OH. He married Martha Parks.

-their children are:

Thomas, (abt 1774-?), m. Martha Hogg.

Margaret, (1776-?).

Andrew J., (1788-?).

William, (1781-?).

John, (1785-?).

James P., (1793-?).

Samuel, (?-?).

Othniel, (?-?).

Robert, (?-?).

Samuel C. Gibson, ( Thomas, George, John ) was born September 10, 1775 in Augusta Co., VA, and died June 19, 1864 in Russell Co., VA. He married Catherine Gratner.

-their children are:

William S., (1795-1856), m. Permelia Peery.

John, (1797-?), m. Cynthia Peery.

Charles C., (1799-?), m. Dorinda Cecil.

Sarah, (1802-1880), m. Jonathen Perry.

Elizabeth, (1804-?), m. Samuel Williams.

Thomas, (1806-1891), m. 1) Rachel Ward; 2) Mary Vermillion.

James C., (1811-?), m. 1) Jerusha Gilmer; 2) Maria C. Rhudy.

Harvey P., (1810-1889), m. Maria Renyolds.

Samuel T., (1812-1887), m. Margaret Ward.

Wesley G., (1814-1887), m. 1) Catherine T. Curen; 2) Rebecca J. Ward.

Andrew P., (1817-1890), m. Rebecca B. Ward.

Nancy P., (1819-1880), m. James M. Gibson.

Francis West Gibson, ( George, George, John ) was born in 1774 in Lancaster Co., PA, and died March 18, 1856. He married Fannie Greenwood.

-their children are:


Robert, (abt 1811-aft1897)

Francis W., Jr., (1821-1899), m. Tabitha K. Porter.

John Bannister Gibson, ( George, George, John ) was born November 8, 1780 in Sherman Valley, PA, and died May 3, 1853 in Philadelphia, PA. He married Sarah W. Galbraith, d/o A. Galbraith, Esq.

-their children are:

Adaline, (?-1835).

George, (?-?), m. Fannie Hunt.

Margaretta, (?-?), m. Charles McClure, Esq.

Sallie B., (?-?), m. Richard H. Anderson.

Annie S., (1813-1813).

Annie B., (1817-1857), m. William M. Roberts.

John, (1820-1822).

John B., Jr., (abt 1821-1856), m. Carlonia Shapley.

Frances, (1828-1830).