Victor E. Taylor,Ph.D., (Syracuse University)
Professor of Comparative Literature, Philosophy, and Religion

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Mark Tansey. Derrida Queries de Man, 1991

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Taylor teaches courses in comparative literature, philosophy, writing, and religious theory.  He has been the recipient of  Andrew W. Mellon Foundation  fellowships  for advanced  literary studies seminars held at Yale University and the National Humanities Center in North Carolina.  He also has been the recipient of grants from The Pennsylvania Humanities Council,  The National Endowment for the Humanities,  and the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst.  The NEH and DAAD awards included participation in a teacher's seminar on the culture of psychoanalysis through the Institute for German Cultural Studies at Cornell University.  Dr. Taylor is an alumnus of The School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University, executive editor of The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, series co- editor of Rethinking Theory with The Johns Hopkins University Press, and series editor for Critical Studies in the Humanities with Davies Group Publishers.  In addition, he is the co-editor of Postmodernism: Critical Concepts (Routledge 1998) , The Routledge Encyclopedia of Postmodernism (2000:  Spanish 2002, Russian 2003), Jean-François Lyotard: Critical Assessment, vols. I-III (Routledge 2005), and, with Keith Gilyard, Conversations in Cultural Rhetoric and Composition (Davies, 2009).  He is author of  (Para) Inquiry: Postmodern Religion and Culture(Routledge 2000)  and The Religious Prayed, The Profane Swear (Pen Mark Press 2002) and Religion After Postmodernism (The University of Virginia Press 2008). Currently, Dr. Taylor  is a visiting scholar at The Johns Hopkins University (2004-2010).

Carlo Maria Mariani, La Mano Ubbidisce all'Intelletto,


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